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Magic Breakfast is up and running!

We opened our doors to the children for the first time serving a Magic Breakfast; a wonderful choice of bagel, cereal and porridge. A big thank you to Di and Heather, our wonderful kitchen team and staff and friends from Churches Together who so kindly volunteered before school to provide a nutritious start to the day!


Mr. Johnstone is the best bagel toaster - ever!


Any child can attend, any day - you choose the days! Please let the office know if you want to change your days or want to start coming along!


The school is now closed due to the risks associated with Covid-19. We are open ONLY for children of identified key workers or are classified as vulnerable and who are pre-booked into school. Every class has lessons set on the class pages (Children - Class pages) which everyone should access. Our latest Newsletter has been published which contains useful hints and tips for teaching your children at home and important information about the school.