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Outstanding Ofsted 2022


Outstanding! We have an Outstanding Nursery! Today the Ofsted report has been published and it is glowing! When you consider the journey that the nursery has been on for the last 4 years this is an incredible feat!


Knowing the dedication and hard work that Rebecca and the whole team, Dawn, Fran, Cherelyn, Zoe, Cora, Laura, Tara, Lily-Rose, Sarah, Mary, Perdita and our partners Becky and Adam has shown is amazing - It should now come as no surprise, then, to learn that Ofsted’s most recent report also scored the nursery as ‘Outstanding‘ — in every category.


The Ofsted Report Concludes that Churchfield Nursery provides …

  • Outstanding quality and standards of the early years provision.
  • Outstanding effectiveness of leadership and management. 
  • Outstanding quality of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Outstanding personal development, behaviour and welfare. 
  • Outstanding outcomes for children. 


The passion and drive that has been fostered here is exceptional. I am delighted for the team and this is the start of the journey for the nursery rather than an ending.


The provision is outstanding

Children have excellent opportunities to make links across their learning, enabling them to embed and consolidate new skills and language. For example, staff use resources to give context to the meaning of chilly. Then young children use this as they play with ice and warm water, discovering how it feels and the impact they have on each other, later using the word again in their role play.


What does the early years setting do well? and highlights from the report.


The managers' ambitious curriculum intent is implemented extremely well by staff and embedded securely. All interactions with children are of a high quality. The staff have an excellent awareness of how children learn and provide exciting activities, motivating children's thirst for knowledge.


Staff have an excellent understanding of how to sequence children's learning. They know the skills they need from babies to prepare them extremely well for their next stages of learning and school.

Children's behaviour is exemplary. They are given consistent boundaries, while having excellent choices, with a very strong emphasis on respecting all living things. Through new initiatives and training, staff provide expert support for children to learn to manage their emotions.

Children receive rich experiences. They have healthy meals, care for their teeth, and have opportunities to rest, or be active indoors and outdoors. Staff recognise each child as an individual, and staff caring for babies seek extensive information on their care needs and routines, so babies feel extremely secure


The strong senior management team value and empower their enthusiastic staff. For example, having seen the amazing impact of their training to support children's emotional development, have had them disseminate their expertise to the school teaching staff. There is now a whole school approach, providing children with highly consistent support. Leaders are excellent role models.

The senior team focus strongly on staff well-being, recognising the positive impact this has on children. They understand the importance of early years education to build firm foundations for life-long learning.


Thank you to the school community including our amazing parents who work together to shape every child’s learning journey at every stage. The support and positive culture you help foster enables all our children to learn to love and love to learn.

Churchfield Nursery Ofsted 2022

Letter from the Diocese of Bath and Wells


We currently have spaces available for 2 and 3 years olds in our OUTSTANDING nursery. Please phone or see the Nursery section for more detail