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Change to the timings of the school day in September 2019

Change to the start of school day from September 2019

As a school we have the longest school day of any primary school in Somerset and it is well above the recommended length of the school day for primary children. Following detailed discussions with the BWMAT and Governors, we have taken the decision to reduce the school day by half an hour, starting in September 2019.. Lunch time will be shortened by 15 minutes and we shall shorten the lessons by 15 minutes a day too, so school will end at 3pm. The start time remains the same, children can arrive at 08.15 for Magic Breakfast, gates open for all at 08.40, and shut at 08.50.


We believe that this will benefit the children who get very tired in the afternoon and effective learning is diminished as a result. We shall be continuing every night with our Churchfield Explorers Programme, so there will be plenty to do every evening. This will also make it easier for us to be involved with more sporting activities with other schools.


We currently have spaces available for 2 and 3 years olds in our OUTSTANDING nursery. Please phone or see the Nursery section for more detail