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Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation at Churchfield Church School


At Churchfield we recognise that we all experience situations that are difficult or cause us to have a number of different emotions or feelings within us. We know that managing these feelings and emotions is a crucial part of all our development. To do this we must first recognise how these feel within us and understand how to bring ourselves back to a calm state from a more heightened state.


Zones of regulation is a systematic, cognitive behavioral approach used to teach this self-regulation and is taught at Churchfield from Nursery to Year 6. Indeed it is also brilliant for older children and adults to engage with.


The Zones framework provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, manage their sensory needs, and improve their ability to problem solve conflicts.  


To help you all understand more we have created a wonderful parent's guide!



Launching in January 2021 during Lockdown it has been great to see and hear about children using the zones to help them at home during this challenging time. Please see pictures below!


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