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Week ending Friday 17th January


We have a really fun and productive week with lots of great learning.  We are all (including Mrs.Barnard and Mrs. Reed!) thoroughly enjoying our new 'Learning Quest'.  Please see below for greater details of what we will be covering this term.  


This week in Maths we have built on our learning of how to find fractions of a number.  Remember divide by the bottom (the denominator) and multiply by the top (the numerator).  We then moved onto how to find percentages - we have begun with 50% (remember find half or divide by 2), 25% (halve and halve again or divide by 4), 75% (find 25% and multiply by 3) and 10% (divide by 10).  



We have finished our letter this week based on Fred (the main character in our class book 'The Explorer') and have planned and begun writing our own independent letters based on one of the other characters.  We are working hard to include the features we have been working on such as:  parenthesis, personification, noun phrases and similes.  Alongside this we are learning to edit and improve as we go along, making this part of the writing process rather than something we do when we have finished.  

Guided Reading

We have looked at two information texts based on Darwin, which have been really interesting and helped us learn even more for our 'Learning Quest'. We have been working this week on improving our speed of reading - reading against the clock and seeing if we can better our speed and 'score' at the same time.  

Our Learning Quest


This week we have continued to look at maps and think about direction and map references and symbols in Geography based on Ordinance Survey maps.  For Science we have been learning about how children are similar to their parents but are not identical and the characteristics we get from our parents are inherited characteristics.  Based on this we played a game making robots.

In Art we have been to develop pieces of art work in our sketch books based on Aboriginal Art. 

Our art work

Our art work 1
Our art work 2
Our art work 3
Our art work 4
Our Learning Quest this term is based on 


Let’s Explore! Do humans live everywhere?


Please look at the attached document, which we recently sent home outlining the key elements we will be learning about.


Our Learning Quest this term...

Happy New Year and welcome back!


Welcome back to Yew Class this term.  It was great to see everyone again and really pleasing for both Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Barnard that everyone was ready to learn and showing such a positive attitude.  



In English this week, we have begun working on writing a letter as a recount.  This is based on our new class book 'The Explorer' - an exciting adventure based on some children who end up in the middle of the Amazon after their plane crashes.  We have worked hard to include a variety of features including noun phrases, personification and similes as well as making our writing convincing by thinking carefully about the character and his thoughts and feelings.  



In Maths this week we have focussed on statistics.  We have looked at different ways data can be displayed and why different ways help the person looking at the data and understanding what it is telling them.  This week we have looked at tables, bar graphs and line graphs.  

Happy Christmas!


Mrs. Barnard and Mrs. Reed wish you all a wonderful, peaceful and joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A couple of reminders:

  • Please make sure you logon to 'MyMaths' - Mrs. Reed has set some tasks to do over the Christmas period. 
  • Please make sure you also logon to 'SpellingShed' to keep practising all your spellings. 
  • Don't forget to read, read, read and read some more  smiley.



Enjoying a Victorian ChristmasWeek ending Friday 20th December 2019


What a wonderful last week of term we have enjoyed this week - with a great Victorian Christmas celebration on Thursday afternoon.  We have made mince pies, which we ate as part of our Victorian Christmas; learnt to sing Silent Night in harmony, learnt a country dance, made Christmas crackers; completed lots of Christmas Maths and finished the week making lots of Christmas crafts as part of Sparkle Morning.  



A wonderful last week!

Week ending Friday 13th December 2019


What a fun week of learning we have had this week including a wonderful day working on our zoetropes ready for our Victorian Christmas celebration next week.



In English this week we have focussed our reading on 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens.  We've answered questions, visualised the scenes and considered whether some of the things we have been reading were fact or opinion.   


In our writing this week, we have planned, drafted and edited a balanced argument.  We based this on whether we thought sixteen year olds should be allowed to vote.  This tied in with the national election this week and opened up a lot of discussion in our class.  





In Maths this week we have been learning how to translate and reflect shapes in the four quadrants.  We also began to look at plotting points in the first quadrant.  It was important to be accurate, use a ruler and always check our answers. 



Design Technology

This week we finished making our zoetropes so that we can play with them and share them with our friends during our Victorian Christmas.  Please see the pictures below of the process. 

Week ending Friday 6th December 2019


We have had a really busy and interesting week, including an exciting afternoon pretending we were in a Victorian classroom, which was both educational and great fun!




In English this week our focus has been on planning and writing a structured argument that is balanced.  We have looked at whether in Victorian times education should have been compulsory.  We have worked on keeping our writing formal, using conjunctions to contrast and making sure we edit our work carefully.  

In Guided Reading our texts have been the lyrics to songs from the musical Oliver.  It has been lovely to listen to the music and use this as the basis for our learning.  




In Maths this week we have continued our work on fractions.  Everyone is becoming more confident when adding fractions including mixed numbers and it was great to see so many people apply their learning in the arithmetic paper on Friday. 


An afternoon in a Victorian Classroom!






Maths homework Week ending Friday 29th November

SPAG homework week ending Friday 29th November 2019

Week ending Friday 29th November 2019


It has been a busy and fun week in Yew Class.  We are continuing to work towards to creating our zoetropes ready for our Victorian Christmas.  We are nearing the end of our Class Book Cogheart, which is becoming incredibly exciting.  It is great that the class are so caught up in this story and have been inspired to read the next book in the series.  Don't forget how important it is to read at home and to have a book you enjoy reading.  




In English this week we planned, drafted and edited our own narrative based on the character Scrooge from Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'.  It was a pleasure for Mrs. Reed to mark these and see how well the children had applied their learning from previous teaching (pathetic fallacy, personification, repetition, emotive language and fronted adverbials to name a few!) to their own narratives.  The children are becoming more aware of their audience as a writer and impact their writing can have.  





In Maths this week we have continued to focus on fractions - comparing and ordering them including with improper fractions and mixed numbers.   We also continue to work on solving lots of problems that are presented in a variety of ways to show our understanding of the Maths we are learning.



We have been learning about how the eye works and how light travels.  As part of this we have looked at periscopes and how light is able to travel through them using reflection.   



Week ending Friday 22nd November 2019


We have had a productive and focussed week working through some practise SATs papers so Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Barnard can see what we understand and what we will need some help with.  Alongside this we have had some fun on TT-Rockstars improving our times tables and learning all about the Victorians from Mr. Philcox, who presented a range of Primary and Secondary sources from his family - see more about this below:



This week's work in History has centred on Primary and Secondary sources.  Primary sources are artefacts from the actual time in History - e.g. photographs, diaries, clothing.  Secondary sources are pieces of writing for example based on that time - e.g. History books. 

Mr. Philcox brought in a range of artefacts all about his Great Grandfather.  In groups each class had to look carefully at the sources and try to solve the puzzle as to what he did for a living.  The sources included a census, trophies (for marksmanship), a family Bible, a certificate, photos and a family tree.  It was fascinating for the children to learn about the Victorian times from a more personal perspective and to be able to ask lots of questions.  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



We have continued to work towards creating our zoetropes.  We watched a tutorial from Mrs. Barnard's husband about how to draw figures so that they become animated when you 'flick' them like a flick book.  It was important to be really accurate.

Picture 1

Week ending Friday 15th November


We have had another busy and productive week in Yew Class.  This week we have begun our Learning Journey on Victorian lives - rich and poor, building towards a Victorian Christmas. 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens has provided a perfect backdrop and setting for this work, which we began reading this week. 


In English and Guided Reading this week, we have used 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens (a famous author from the Victorian period) as the inspiration and basis of our work.  From this we have learnt all about the character Scrooge - we did some hot seating pretending we were him and have begun to write a story with him as our main character.  





In Maths this week, we have begun a block of work we will be doing on fractions.  We have considered what we already know about fractions, simplified them and converted between improper fractions and mixed numbers.  We have found fraction walls and shapes very useful and realised how important our knowledge of times tables are to help us solve problems based on them.  



In Design Technology this week, we have looked at instructions on how to make a Zoetrope.  We are going to work on the skills we will need to design and make our own to play with at our Victorian Christmas.  We began to work on our measuring, sawing and cutting skills and showed great maturity and focus during this session.








As part of our work towards making a 'zoetrope' in DT for our Victorian Christmas, we considered how light travels.  We learnt how light always travels in straight lines and that some materials reflect light, whereas others don't.  We measured the angles at which the light is reflected and learnt how it is always exactly the same angle at which it has come from the light source.  



In History this week, we have learnt about some of the key events in the Victorian era with a focus on the key historical skill of chronology.  It was particularly evident how many important events took place and why it is such an important part of the history of this country.  

Week ending 8th November 2019

What a fantastic and exciting week back we have had!  We have celebrated Carnival all - enjoying working on 'Then and Now' - thinking about Victorian Carnival in the past and carnival now.



On Wednesday morning we celebrated a Victorian Carnival -with sweets and costumes, so we could imagine what it would be like at that time.  

In English this week, we have been writing a diary of a child on his\her first ever Victorian Carnival.

Before we wrote our diary, of course we had to write a plan to lead us when we do write it in best!





In Art this week, we have been creating a Carnival sky background and some silohuettes of people.

First, we tried multiple selections of art tools including: oil pastels, pencil crayons, crayons and water colours. These will be on display in front of our classroom. 











To tied in with our Carnival theme in Maths this week we did a variety of fun activities.  We began with a quiz based on modern day carnival - watching a video and working out Maths problems based on the clip.  We then focussed on measure - weighing a variety of toy tractors and trailers and converting the measurements and making sure we fully understood how to read the scales.  Perhaps most exciting was the weighing and measuring we did to make a vegetable soup based on Mrs. Beeton's orginal recipe - a famous cookbook from Victorian times.  It would have made a lovely warming drink to have on a cold carnival night. 






Parents/Carers' Evening


It was great to speak to so many of you and share your child's progress on Wednesday and Thursday.  Thank you to those who came.  If you were not able to attend, please do make an appointment via the office for another time as a face to face chat is always welcome and useful.


Remembrance Day


On Monday 11th Year 6 will, as previous Y6 have done, attend the memorial service in Southwell Gardens.  We have prepared a prayer and understand the solemnity that is appropriate to such an important date in our national calendar.

Many thanks to the parents/carers who were able to help us by volunteering to walk down with us.

Everyone is most welcome to join us there and we hope you can make it.


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

Our Head Girl and Boy took all the donations to the local food bank on Friday.  

Thank you for all your kind donations. 

Week ending Thursday 24th October 2019


The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition on Wednesday was a huge success. Thank you to all parents and carers for coming. We hope you enjoyed it as we worked very hard.


The Great Exhibition


Preparing for the Great Exhibition



We were writing our Penny Dreadfuls for the exhibition as you would have seen in the hall.



In Maths this week we have been working on using and applying the skills we have been working on this half term to solve problems.  We had a competition where each table had to solve problems to earn blocks and build the best tower.  Everyone worked extremely hard and had a lot of fun at the same time.  

Problem solving in Maths

Problem solving in Maths 1
Problem solving in Maths 2

Half term Maths homework

Week ending October 18th 2019


We were writing a narrative based around Cogheart. It was about them opening a door into the Great Exhibition and they were hiding from the mirror-eyed men. We enjoyed writing it.



We did division and long division this week. Mrs Reed taught us a easier way to do long division.


We were making posters for our Great Exhibition and explaining our inventions in an explanation text.

Green Time 

In green time we decorated  cakes and biscuits and enjoyed them at home.


By Meadow and Phoebe 

Cake decorating!

Cake decorating! 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Week ending Friday 11th October 2019


It has been another busy and exciting week in Yew Class. The standard of work everyone is producing continues to improve there have been some outstanding pieces of writing written this week.  



In English we have continued our work on explanation texts and planned and begun to draft a text based on a real Victorian invention.  These have included the phonograph, the telephone and the light bulb.  We are using  and applying the skills learnt last week including use of the passive voice, contrasting conjunctions, paragraph and technical vocabulary in our own writing.  




This week our focus in Maths has been multiplication.  We have been using a formal method to solve our calculations and solve problems.  We have thought about what words could also be used instead of multiply?  Can you remember them?



Lots of

Repeated addition

Weekly homework


Each week in Year 6, the children are expected to complete the following homework:


- Reading at least 5 times a week. Each week should be recorded in your reading record book. Remember that this can be any reading you choose to do - your school book, your favourite magazine, a sports' website or anything else you are interested in.


- Maths homework - weekly maths homework is set and you can find it underneath this information.


- Practising your times tables - learning our tables to 12 x 12 is really important. Each child has a times table book. They should complete one page of practise each week ready for a test on Friday. There are 5 boxes on each page, so practise once a day to keep your times table knowledge fresh.


- Practising your spellings. Every week we have a spelling test - please practise your spellings ready for their test on Friday.


Please see your child's teacher if you have any questions about the homework.

Maths Homework Week ending Friday 4th October 2019

Week ending 4th October 2019


What a busy and exciting week we have had in Yew Class this week.  

Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Barnard are particularly pleased with the excellent attitude and focus of Yew Class and the fantastic progress they are making - keep it up!



In English this week we have begun working on an explanation text - explaining how Mrs. Rust (a 'mechanical' from our class book Cogheart) works.  We have focussed on using the passive voice, using paragraphs to organise our writing, using conjunctions to contrast and keeping our writing formal.  We are working towards writing our own explanation text based on a Victorian invention as part of both our English work and topic work in preparation for our 'Great Exhibition'. 



In Maths we have been working on multiplying by 10 and 100 and thinking carefully about what actually happens to the numbers.  (Don't forget everyone that adding a zero won't work - e.g. 0.1 x 10 is not 0.10 as this is the same number!)  

We have also learnt all about factors - whole numbers that will divide equally into numbers - for example the factors of 12 are 12, 1, 3, 4, 6 and 2.   Prime numbers are numbers that only have 2 factors and the number 2 is unique because it is the only even prime number.  

Did you know that 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 and 19 are also prime numbers?

Green time


We had lots of fun in Green Time this week where we voted as a class to do some baking.  We made little cakes and followed a recipe really carefully.  The end result was really delicious and Mrs. Reed was so impressed with our attitude she has agreed we will have to do some more baking soon! 

They weren't all perfect, but they all tasted delicious!

Week ending 27th September 2019


We've had a really busy, but productive week.  Mrs. Barnard and Mrs. Reed are particularly pleased with our learning attitudes and desire to improve all the time.  Keep it up Yew Class!




This week we have been working on writing our own diary - some people have been doing this from the perspective of Lily, others from Mrs. Rust's point of view and some people even chose Robert.  Everyone has worked really hard to make their writing convincing and we are currently in the process of publishing these and are going to send them to the author as well as display them in our class. 



We have been focussing on subtraction this week.  We have recognise the importance of place value and how to line up the digits correctly so that we don't make errors.

We have applied our skills to answering word problems and solving problems.   

Week ending Friday 20th September 2019


We have had a busy and productive week in Yew Class with lots of exciting work on our topic.




This week we have been writing a diary, as if we were Lily in our class book Cogheart.  As part of this we have focussed on using conjunctions, onomatopoeia, alliteration, modal verbs and synonyms as ways to improve our writing.  There have been some excellent pieces of writing and everyone is beginning to share a greater awareness of the reader.  






This week in Maths we have been focussing on addition, beginning with estimation and using rounding.  This is a real life skill, which we can use for example when checking we will have enough money for our shopping.  We moved onto column addition and making sure we line up our digits correctly and remembering we can use the inverse to check our answers.  



In topic, we have been working on building and making circuits.  We experimented how we could make the bulb brighter and dimmer.  We learnt how to draw circuits and described them.  

Welcome back Yew Class!


We hope you have had a great Summer.  It is lovely to see you all back at school and already so keen to work hard and be part of a fantastic Year 6!


This term our topic will be all about great Victorian inventions with an exciting visit to the SS Great Britain - photos to follow soon. 





During the first two weeks we will be beginning our Maths work with a focus on place value, including the place value of decimals.  We will also have a go at some SATs papers, so the teachers can find out what we are already confident with and what we may need further help and focussing on.  



In English we have begun the term focussing on 'Blitz the Basics'.  This has meant that we are working on basic punctuation - full stops and capital letters, correct letter formation and handwriting.   We are using a really exciting book called 'Cogheart', which is based in Victorian times as inspiration for our writing.  



Head over to the class pages to see the wonderful learning taking place across the school.