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Armistice Day

Armistice Day 1
Armistice Day 2

Willow week ending 8.11.19


This has been an amazing week back after an extended holiday with a special focus on carnival!



We have been planning and drafting our Victorian diaries from Highbridge Carnival in 1880 with authentic historical details researched by us!  Some fantastic writing took place and more and more of it is independent with Mr Ballard putting the emphasis on the children to edit and correct their own work.


The work done was of a high standard and everyone can be proud.



We used real carnival facts and figures to explore the numbers behind the event and did a lot of practical work which involved measuring and some souper tasty soup being made.


Learning Quest

It is all change now as Willow now refer to the subject formerly known as topic as Learning Quest.  This is so that we understand that topic is a theme but we are learning our actual secondary style subjects within that such as geography, art and history as well as our modern foreign language: French.

We did some great research into the origins of carnival with the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and how that helped to shape the traditions that we see today.  It was, of course, the great Victorians who really got things organised and much of what we now know as carnival is thanks to them.  Ask your children for more detail - their heads are stuffed with knowledge!

We used our knowledge to create art works which told the story of the carnival through the ages using new techniques and methods.


Parents/Carers' Evening


It was great to speak to so many of you and share your child's progress on Tuesday or Wednesday so thank you to those who could make it.  If you were not able to attend, please do make an appointment via the office for another time as a face to face chat is always welcome and useful.


Remembrance Day


On Monday 11th Year 6 will, as previous Y6 have done, attend the memorial service in Southwell Gardens.  We have prepared a prayer and understand the solemnity that is appropriate to such an important date in our national calendar.

Many thanks to the parents/carers who were able to help us by volunteering to walk down with us.

Everyone is most welcome to join us there and we hope you can make it.


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!


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Weekly homework


Each week in Year 6, the children are expected to complete the following homework:


- Reading at least 5 times a week. Each week should be recorded in your reading record book. Remember that this can be any reading you choose to do - your school book, your favourite magazine, a sports' website or anything else you are interested in.


- Maths homework - weekly maths homework is set and you can find it underneath this information.


- Practising your times tables - learning our tables to 12 x 12 is really important. Each child has a times table book. They should complete one page of practise each week ready for a test on Friday. There are 5 boxes on each page, so practise once a day to keep your times table knowledge fresh.


- Practising your spellings. Every week we have a spelling test - please practise your spellings ready for their test on Friday.


Please see your child's teacher if you have any questions about the homework.

Maths Homework Week ending 4th October 2019

Electrical resistance article

Welcome to Willow!


2019-20 looks set to be a fun-pack year with lots of amazing learning going on from start to finish!


You can look for homework and updates here so remember to check in and see what's new regularly.


Our first topic is Amazing Victorian Inventions and we kick that off with a trip to explore the greatest of them all right on our doorstep in Bristol!


See you soon,


Mr Ballard

SS Great Britain

SS Great Britain 1 We had a great day out in Bristol!
SS Great Britain 2 That is one BIIIIIG ship!
SS Great Britain 3 Designed by one of the finest minds ever (Brunel!)
SS Great Britain 4 Traveling in 1st Class luxury.
SS Great Britain 5 The children behaved brilliantly...
SS Great Britain 6 ...but not all the passengers got on!
SS Great Britain 7 Some felt a bit sea-sick...
SS Great Britain 8 ...and some even needed to see the ship's doctor!


Our whole school curriculum focus this week is carnival! We hope that everyone enjoyed our carnival and we look forward to finding out more about carnivals this week! Check out the class web pages to see what we have been up to!