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Leavers' Service Friday 3rd July 10am

Learning at home

Please use the Yew class page to access learning at home according to which group your child has been assigned to.  

Term 4, Week 2 Homework

Term 4, Week 1 Homework

Week ending 28th February 2020


We have had a busy and fun week in Willow Class with lots of high quality work being completed with great learning attitudes being displayed.




In our Guided Reading work this week we have been reading a non-fiction information text based on Antarctica.  We found out that it is a frozen desert with the ice-sheet being more than a mile deep in places making it very difficult for any life form to survive.  However the surrounding seas are home to plenty of creatures that are able to thrive!  


In our writing work we have begun to work hard on improving our writing by focussing on the skills that will enable us to become better writers.  We planned and began to write a letter to become part of an expedition to join Ernest Shackleton (the famous Irish explorer)  on his adventure across the Antarctic. Each person was given a role they would undertake and their letter was based on persuasing Shackleton on how they would be the best person he could take to fulfill this role.   




This week in Maths we have focussed our learning on angles.  We revisited the names and properties of all the different angles and then moved onto solving problems based on this - for example fining missing angles on lines or as part of circles.  We then moved onto measuring and drawing angles and drawing 2D shapes based on given dimensions.  Everyone worked really well to support each other at this task.

Knowledge Organiser Let's Explore

Term 3, Week 6 Homework

Term 3, Week 5 Homework

Week ending Friday 7th January 2020


We have had a great week in Yew class with lots of fun learning opportunities and Mr. Milum is particularly pleased to see how the class are developing as writers and working so hard on this area of their learning.  




We have had a really productive and fun week in English.  Our Guided Reading work has focussed on a story called 'Wings of a Butterfly' - a traditional tale from the Amazon. 


We have also been working this week on looking at the origin of the spellings we are learning  - for example did you know that pyjamas is a Persian word and veranda is a word from Portugal. 





In Maths this week we have been working on area.  Initially we revised the work on the area of a rectangle and square.  We then have moved onto compound shapes and the area of triangles and parallelograms. 


Our Learning Quest


We have nearly completed our Aboriginal inspired paintings, which when put together will show the full picture of the snake. A photo of the final piece will be posted on here once we have finished.   We have also been working hard to improve our map work and learning about different countries around the world.  

Term 3, Week 4 Homework

Week ending Friday 31st January 2020


What a week!  From writing stories and working with fractions to listening to orchestral music, we have been working hard and having fun too!



In Guided reading this week, we have been using our class book 'The Explorer' as the basis for our work.  We are all thoroughly enjoying all that this book has to offer and a number of our class have started to read it as their personal reading book! 

Our writing work has focussed on writing the story we planned last week based on an animal appearing in the jungle and frightening the children.  Mr. Milum is particularly pleased with our progress and how well the class are developing as writers.  



Our focus this week has been fractions.  We have learned how to multiply and divide fractions as well as revisiting a previous taught skill of adding fractions with different denominators. 

Week ending Friday 26th January 2020


It has been another fun and productive week in Willow Class.  We are all particularly enjoying our class book 'The Explorer' - it is getting really exciting and inspiring lots of our work across the curriculum.  




In English this week we have finished our letters and published them.  We have now moved onto planning a narrative based on our class book.  Everyone had some really interesting and thoughtful ideas and we are really looking forward to writing the story.  Our focus (as well as writing a really exciting story) is to make sure we are all really clear and fully understand where we will need to begin a new paragraph.  



Our work this week has continued to focus on percentages and how to find them and use them to solve problems.  We have then moved on to applying this skill to solving problems based on pie charts.  


Learning Quest


We had a lot of fun this week finding OS Map symbols around the school to crack a code.  We are becoming much more confident when identifying what each of them mean.  

Term 3, Week 3 Homework

Term 3, Week 2 Homework

Week ending Friday 17th January



Our Learning Quest this term is based on 


Let’s Explore! Do humans live everywhere?


Please look at the attached document, which we recently sent home outlining the key elements we will be learning about.

Our Learning Quest for the Spring Term


This week in Maths we have built on our learning of how to find fractions of a number.  Remember divide by the bottom (the denominator) and multiply by the top (the numerator).  We then moved onto how to find percentages - we have begun with 50% (remember find half or divide by 2), 25% (halve and halve again or divide by 4), 75% (find 25% and multiply by 3) and 10% (divide by 10).  

Guided Reading

We have looked at two information texts based on Darwin, which have been really interesting and helped us learn even more for our 'Learning Quest'. We have been working this week on improving our speed of reading - reading against the clock and seeing if we can better our speed and 'score' at the same time.  

Our Learning Quest


This week we have continued to look at maps and think about direction and map references and symbols in Geography based on Ordinance Survey maps.  For Science we have been learning about how children are similar to their parents but are not identical and the characteristics we get from our parents are inherited characteristics.  Based on this we played a game making robots.     In Art we have been to develop pieces of art work in our sketch books based on Aboriginal Art. 

The Bumper Christmas Issue!

This week has come around so quickly - where did that term go!


As we reflect on what has been a hugely successful first term in year six and look forward to what January will bring we can all take pride in how far the Willow Super-stars have come since September - in terms of academic achievement and also working behaviours and maturity.


We had a jam-packed week of learning and fun to round the term off.  We completed reading A Christmas Carol and watched a film adaptation which gave us lots to talk about.  You may already know there is a brand new BBC version on our screens this Christmas but it might be worth adults watching it first and deciding whether it is right for your child.


We completed our physics studies on the nature and manipulation of light by conducting an investigation into shadows and used our data analysis to detect patterns which allowed us to make accurate predictions based on evidence.


We learnt a Christmas Carol together which was fun but the church service on Thursday with the choir and Mr Selby's talents was really special.


We have been very creative making Victorian Xmas cards in the style of William Morris, preparing party games like Charades and Blind Man's Buff and making our own crackers with highly realistic 'CRACK' sound effects.  These went down really well at our party and the method and materials are easy to come by so don't be surprised if you see a few at your festive tables next week!


Homework:  yes, Ebeneezer Ballard has set some maths and spelling as well as TT Rockstar and personal reading but many of the children have already started and completed much of it so encourage your child to curl up with a good book on those dark, wet afternoons and just enjoy reading whatever.


Another highlight of this holiday is the Royal Institution Christmas lectures for children (and adults) which are on BBC 4 at 8pm on 26th, 27th and 28th December or on iplayer.  This year they are all about secret number patterns which control our lives!  Can't wait.  If you've never watched them and want to know more, copy and search this:


All the back catalogue is there too - well worth a look.


Have a very pleasant Christmas and a Happy New Year - see you all in January!


Week beginning 9.12.19

This week we have been so busy writing our own balanced arguments discussing whether children aged 16-18 should be allowed to vote.  We have considered the opinions that are held by others and presented them using the features of this genre.


We have continued reading our text, A Christmas Carol, and have been using all our skills including prediction and word meaning decoding to make sense of what is a complex but very rich and inspiring text.


In maths we have been working on transformation of shape which includes translation (moving them), rotation (turning them) and reflection.


Our Victorian studies have taken us down the Design Technology path this week with a lot of high quality work building Zoetropes (the earliest form of movies) which were popular toys in Victorian times.  We have had to work together to get these to work and have used some advanced mathematical skills to calculate circumference from radius.  We have been able to reflect on how successful our designs have been and make necessary improvements as we go.


On Thursday 12th December the country took to the polls to choose a new government and we held our own election in the small hall.  Each child got to put their X on the ballot paper and the results will be published after the count concludes.  See the school website for more details!

Maths Homework Week ending Friday 29th November 2019

SPAG homework week ending Friday 29th November 2019

Our stop-frame animations needed some professionals for us to draw! We've been working really hard on editing our writing to raise the quality as high as possible.

Homework Week ending Friday 22nd November 2019

Armistice Day

Maths homework

This week sheets have been given to children with work on mixed numbers (whole numbers and fractions eg 2 1/2) and improper fractions eg 5/2.  Think of it like this:  If I had 2 and a half slices of toast and I cut the whole pieces into halves as well, I'd have 5 half pieces of toast. 

Reading Homework

Every child is expected to be reading at home regularly.  They can all access books at school and we would like them to be heard by an adult as often as possible.  If they are struggling to understand the book, they should change it for one they can access at school.  If they are a more confident reader, they may prefer to read alone but will still benefit from having an adult ask them about it - what is going on, if they think the author is writing well or they would prefer to have taken the story in a different direction, if there are any new words they have learnt or any words they can't figure out from the text.  Please make sure they fill in their diaries whenever they read.

Week ending 15.11.19

Another busy week had flown by and we have got fully back in the swing of things with a lot of exciting learning.



We have been looking at fractions, whole numbers and fractions (mixed numbers), improper fractions (fractions where there are more pieces than a whole one) and how to compare them in order of size.  We are starting to add and subtract them and will be looking at equivalent fractions and simplifying them soon.



We have begun to read and work on that much loved Victorian classic, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  The children have met the fowl Mr Scrooge and are immersed in ghosts and spooky Christmas goings on!

We have been learning new skills in writing and using these to develop our own spin-off stories in the style of Mr Dickens.


Learning Quest

Our science is a mixture of biology and physics as we are learning about how we see and how light works.  We will be looking at aspects like the mechanics of vision, reflection, properties of light, light sources and also how we can use them to create something special for Christmas.


In DT we are designing our own zoetropes and will be making these using the skills and knowledge we learnt in science.


Have a good weekend everyone,


see you next week!

Willow week ending 8.11.19


This has been an amazing week back after an extended holiday with a special focus on carnival!



We have been planning and drafting our Victorian diaries from Highbridge Carnival in 1880 with authentic historical details researched by us!  Some fantastic writing took place and more and more of it is independent with Mr Ballard putting the emphasis on the children to edit and correct their own work.


The work done was of a high standard and everyone can be proud.



We used real carnival facts and figures to explore the numbers behind the event and did a lot of practical work which involved measuring and some souper tasty soup being made.


Learning Quest

It is all change now as Willow now refer to the subject formerly known as topic as Learning Quest.  This is so that we understand that topic is a theme but we are learning our actual secondary style subjects within that such as geography, art and history as well as our modern foreign language: French.

We did some great research into the origins of carnival with the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and how that helped to shape the traditions that we see today.  It was, of course, the great Victorians who really got things organised and much of what we now know as carnival is thanks to them.  Ask your children for more detail - their heads are stuffed with knowledge!

We used our knowledge to create art works which told the story of the carnival through the ages using new techniques and methods.


Parents/Carers' Evening


It was great to speak to so many of you and share your child's progress on Tuesday or Wednesday so thank you to those who could make it.  If you were not able to attend, please do make an appointment via the office for another time as a face to face chat is always welcome and useful.


Remembrance Day


On Monday 11th Year 6 will, as previous Y6 have done, attend the memorial service in Southwell Gardens.  We have prepared a prayer and understand the solemnity that is appropriate to such an important date in our national calendar.

Many thanks to the parents/carers who were able to help us by volunteering to walk down with us.

Everyone is most welcome to join us there and we hope you can make it.


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!


Weekly homework


Each week in Year 6, the children are expected to complete the following homework:


- Reading at least 5 times a week. Each week should be recorded in your reading record book. Remember that this can be any reading you choose to do - your school book, your favourite magazine, a sports' website or anything else you are interested in.


- Maths homework - weekly maths homework is set and you can find it underneath this information.


- Practising your times tables - learning our tables to 12 x 12 is really important. Each child has a times table book. They should complete one page of practise each week ready for a test on Friday. There are 5 boxes on each page, so practise once a day to keep your times table knowledge fresh.


- Practising your spellings. Every week we have a spelling test - please practise your spellings ready for their test on Friday.


Please see your child's teacher if you have any questions about the homework.

Maths Homework Week ending 4th October 2019

Electrical resistance article

Welcome to Willow!


2019-20 looks set to be a fun-pack year with lots of amazing learning going on from start to finish!


You can look for homework and updates here so remember to check in and see what's new regularly.


Our first topic is Amazing Victorian Inventions and we kick that off with a trip to explore the greatest of them all right on our doorstep in Bristol!


See you soon,


Mr Ballard

SS Great Britain

We had a great day out in Bristol!
That is one BIIIIIG ship!
Designed by one of the finest minds ever (Brunel!)
Traveling in 1st Class luxury.
The children behaved brilliantly...
...but not all the passengers got on!
Some felt a bit sea-sick...
...and some even needed to see the ship's doctor!


Exciting news! Churchfield Nursery are excited to announce we now have Nursery places beginning September 2020. Applications can be made for children from Birth to four years old.