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WC 18.5.20


Create a beach scene using different materials and textures.  

Such as: 

sand, water colour paints or material for ocean, sticks for chairs/buildings, stones, cottons wall or paper for clouds.  

WC 11.5.20

Discuss the artist Andy Goldsworthy who is a natural artist.


Watch this clip from BBC Bitesize


Look at natural art photos and have a go at creating their own with sticks, stones, sand trays, leaves.  


If you have a free twinkl account have a look at this:

Here are some ideas:

Previous work:

WC 20.4.20

Can you remember how to make different colours. Can you sort and name primary colours and secondary colours?  


Use some paints or pencils at home to sort primary and secondary colours. 

 If you have paint at home, you could mix primary colours to see what secondary colours you can make.  

Here are some ideas of how this might look.  

Or you could put paint into a food bag and have a mess free mix up!  
Maybe you have food dye at home and could do this as part of a science experiment. You’ll need to make primary colour ice cubes and then place them in glasses of water with a different colour, when they melt see what colour the water is.  

WC 27.4.20

Look at pictures of Weston-Super-Mare and Burnham on Sea from the past and recreate your own. Focus on the use of the pencil to create lines of different thickness. 

WC 4.5.20

Look at pictures of beaches from the present and recreate.  

Focus on use of the pencil to create lines of different thickness. 

Discuss the differences you can see from last weeks art and photos compared to this week.


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