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Week commencing 30th March



Watch video of Mrs Mann recapping phase 5 flashcards and Polysyllabic words. (Fir class page) 


Sorry it is split over 4 parts. The videos are here: 


You will need a whiteboard and pen or paper and pencil is fine to try and write the words. 



Watch video of Mrs Mann modelling. (fir Class Page)


You will need paper and pencils. Adults encourage spaces between words and check that the letters are similar height except for ladder letters. (This is explained in the video) 


Remember to try your best to write in cursive, keep your pencil on the paper and keep that smooth movement going. Don’t forget to go back and dot the i's and cross the t’s! 

Can you write sentences containing these words.  



Linked to our phonics session this week Mrs Mann reads Tanka Tanka Skunk read along with Mrs Mann to find how many beats/syllables there are in the different words.  

If you have something to bang like a drum or a saucepan then fantastic if not don’t worry use your hands. 



Continuing from last week where we looked at position and direction we will continue with this and introduce half and quarter turns.  Grownups can help demonstrate the turns by moving your body to show the children.  Watch this video to help explain it:  


This SuperMovers video is a really fun way to introduce it! 


Activity 1 


Practise these turns using your body 

Quarter turn left 

Quarter turn right 

Half turn left 

Half turn right 


Activity 2 


Make a maze with directions to guide a family member through.  Use quarter and half turns, left and right. Draw your maze with instructions.

Week Commencing 23rd March

Maths 1 

Use video to introduce forwards, backwards, next to etc. 


The children need to practice using the language which describes position.  Please watch the videos above to introduce it.  The children can use the sentence stems below to tell you the position of objects in your home.  


Sentence stems:


The _______ is under the _________.

The  _______ is above the __________.

The  ________ is in between the _________ and the _______.

The __________ is next to the ___________.

The ________ is on top of _________.

The _________ is below the ___________. 

The ______is to the left of the _________.

The ___________ is to the right of the ___________.


For example the tin of beans is under the chair. Or the car is in between the teddy and the book. 

This is a great chance to get Lego or building blocks out and complete this task with different colours or get creative and use any household object! 


Upload videos on Tapesty if you complete this task at home. 


Can your child write some sentences describing the position of objects in your house.  E.g. The blanket is on top of the basket.   


Maths 2 

Remind them of the language from the last lesson.  (above, below, in between) . 

Introduce the children to left and right.  Show children using your arms and then turn your body to show the direction. 


Can the children set up a maze to direct you through using the language of left, right, forwards, backwards etc.  You could make it more exciting by using a blindfolding but please make sure that it is safe to do so. Try to take it in turns and allow them to give the directions too.


Maths 3 

Remind the children of the language previously learnt.  


Using coins to link to our maths focus of Money.


Can you describe a arrangement of coins to your child so they can make it using real coins. 

Such as 'can you put the 1p to the right of the 5p'.


Also challenge them to make an arrangement and to tell you the position of the different coins. 

E.g the 50p is above the 2p


They then can try to write their own sentences describing the position of different coins.  E.g. The 50p is above the 2p. They can then rearrange the coins and write instructions for you to follow.  


English 1 

Watch the video from Bob followed by the video of Mrs Mann opening the package from Bob the man on the moon. 


Discuss with your child their thoughts about the package? Why do you think these items are here? Whose package could this be? What characters could be in the story? What do you think the story might be about? Why do you think this? 


Discuss ideas and write down your ideas.  


Such as: 

I think he/she likes space because the there is a map of the stars. 


Challenge: Can you think of any other characters from stories which could link to these objects? Write about the other characters you know.  


Watch the Video of Mrs Mann reading the story of ‘The way back home’. (Part 1 and Part 2)


Then talk about the Characters.  

Who is the main character? 

Do we know him from any other stories? 

What is he like? Is he the same or different that Bob?  


Children to draw a picture of the boy and write a character description.  

Remember to write about his appearance, personality. What are his hobbies? Why do you think this were there any clues in the story? 



Children to work on number bonds for all numbers up to 20.

You can go this practically and as a number sentence. 


7 + 8 = 16

4 + 12 = 16

Don't forget to challenge them further by using the inverse such as: 20 = 19 + 1

Remember = doesn't mean 'the answer is', it means one side is equal to the other. 


A further challenge is to work out the subtraction number sentence.

15 - 4 =11





Can you write a letter to Miss Nash? She would love to hear what you have been up to!  Remember the structure of a letter:


Dear .........








Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Try to use different punctuation, like exclamation marks (!) and question marks (?).  Also, try to use connectives to make your sentences more interesting. (and/but)


Exciting news! Churchfield Nursery are excited to announce we now have Nursery places beginning September 2020. Applications can be made for children from Birth to four years old.