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Sycamore - Year 6

Sportsday 2019

Week ending 17th May 2019


Report by Demi!


This week has been a challenging week for all of us, but we have done so well because we have been preparing for

 These tests have included SPAG, Spellings, Reading, Maths and Arithmetic. They lasted from Monday to Thursday (I know it was a long time smiley) The teachers were supportive all the way through, and are amazing cooks Di and Heather made us all full English breakfasts every  morning.surprise  Today we have an amazing day planned: such as making things, baking and playing with friends.

Not long to our trip away to Greatwood.laugh   

A message from Mr Ballard

We are all set for SATs next week and we know our Year 6 superstars will be amazing.

There are no tests on the Friday of that week and we have a special day of activities linked to our end of year production.  With that in mind, could as many children as possible bring in a pack of cards?  We would love to teach them some card games and need quite a few packs to go around.  We will make sure the packs are returned. 

To help with that, please put your child's name on a slip of paper and put it in the pack.  Many thanks!

Welcome back after Easter - hope you all had a lovely break

What Sycamore have been up to this week!


In literacy this week we have been learning how to do subordinate clauses, conjunctions  and many other things to help us create better sentences. Also we are now writing a story about the amazon. The reason why we are doing this is because of our new topic which is based on the book The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

In Maths this week we have been learning ratios and proportions also we have learnt how to find the highest common factor. in addition to that we have been solving problems involving a time table, such as a bus time table and learning how long it took to get from one place to another and if somebody needed to get somewhere at a particular time that they have to leave their town at a specific time.

In Reading this week we have started reading The Explorer, we have done quite a few questions on the story itself. It is about a boy called Fred who goes on a plane trip and their plane crashes because the pilot who (most of the class thought) had a heart attack and suffocated so their plane crashed deep into the Amazon lost and really hurt Fred is alone with only fire and distant voices. 

In Art we have been drawing leaves from the Amazon in our Art booklets, there have been many amazing works of Art drawn. Most of these drawings have been coloured by crayons, focusing on using dark and light. 

By Zach

A description of the rainforest by Summer-Jade


The Amazon is an endless forest of wildlife and beauty.  It stretches like a soft blanket of green deep in South America. It has a tremendous power to sustain life; not just within it, but also the rest of the world.  Flowing peacefully through the jungle is a deep, wide river, that lies at the soul of the magical forest. 

Entering the forest, I can hear colourful birds flying, chocolate coloured, mischievous monkeys yelling and the rustle of leaves as green as emeralds.  I stumble onwards, hearing the leaves crunching underneath me finding towering trees.  When I have walked enough, I see a tall tree to settle on; it is so muggy.  Fortunately, it begins to rain slowly.  It cools me down.  

What Sycamore have been up to this week – week ending 5.4.19


This week we have been doing practice tests (hardly exciting but at least we got biscuits!) These tests were SPAG, mathematics and reading. We would usually have 3 texts to read in reading out of 50 marks, SPAG also as 50 marks but maths 40;  it’s been getting easier lately as we have been getting easier lately as we’re getting smarter as we go and learn from our past mistakes .


We’ve also been producing instructions on how to clean a room they all had quite a lot of humour as well! We wrote them out in our books to start with, but they were so good we wrote them out properly.


Mixed with all of this we found some time for times table practise at least 2 times a week but no more as it’s almost the hols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                            In the after noon


There are many things we have lately been doing in the afternoons, but the most recent thing is WW2 propaganda posters that would usually inspire people to do their part in the war.

It’s been hectic lately. It does not help with one of our two P.E teachers leaving at the end of this week, we are all upset about Mr Johnstone leaving. Mr Johnstone will be deeply missed.


That’s it for this week and have a good Easter holiday, I know everybody will!


By Kian


This week in Sycamore class

In Maths this week we have been doing angles, percentages, fractions and decimals. We have also been doing work on ordering many different things. These were ordering mixed things, like decimals and fractions. We also learnt how to convert fractions to decimals and fractions. As we were doing missing angles we had to learn how to find it from 180 degrees.

 In English this week we have finished reading the letters from the lighthouse. We have also been learning how to do instructions, because on Monday the entire year made oat biscuits. These were a recipe from the 2nd World War. On Friday this week we had to make up instructions for how to clean a messy teenager’s bedroom.


By Zach

World Book Week


We have had a busy week for 'Book Week'.  On Thursday there were lots of great costumes and it was exciting to see everyone enjoying talking about books and their favourite characters. 

Don't forget to tell other people if you read a great book and recommend it!  There will be a board in the classroom too, that you can do this on too.



This week in English we have focused on descriptive writing of both characters and settings.  On Friday we created our own future serving robot.  Some people had some fantastic ideas about what the robot might be able to do for them - lots of people wanted them to do their homework for them!  

We are continuing to work on learning about grammar - can you remember what each of these mean?  (Answers at the bottom of the page)


Proper nouns




In Maths our focus has been on shape, measure and area.  We have revised lots of different 2D and 3D shapes. We have also revised how to find the area of rectangles and squares and used this to find the area of compound shapes (2 rectangles joined together for example). 

We continue to practise our times tables and those who are confident are learning how to apply this knowlege to decimal calculations and multiples of 10/100 etc.  

Can you remember the properties of the following shapes?

1) Rectangle

2) Square

3) Regular pentagon

4) Trapezium

5) Parallelogram 





Prepositions - these tell you where something is, or when something has happened.  Examples include:  in, on, with, behind, beside, before, after, towards, inside, outside


Proper nouns - these are nouns which are names of people, places, things.  Examples include:  Italy, Churchfield, George Street, Ben, London, Highbridge


Pronouns - this is a word that replaces a noun in a sentence.  Examples include I, me, mine, myself, she, he, her, we, us, ours, herself and ourselves


Maths information

Rectangle - 2 longer sides and 2 shorter sides, 4 90 degree angles, 2 lines of symmetry. 2 pairs of parallel lines. 

Square - a regular shape because all the sides and angles are the same.  4 lines of symmetry.  2 pairs of parallel lines. 

Regular pentagon - a regular shape with 5 equal sides and angles.  5 lines of symmetry, 0 parallel lines. 

Trapezium - an irregular shape.  1 line of symmetry and one pair of parallel lines. 

Parallelogram - an irregular shape.  No lines of symmetry and 2 pairs of parallel lines. 

Welcome back after half term!


This half term we will building up to SATs and continuing our topic on WW2.



We will be looking at a variety of Maths topics and areas this week.  Each lesson will begin with an arithmetic focus - such as long multiplication, finding percentages, converting units of measurements.  We will then move onto more reasoning work - looking at applying the Maths we have learnt to solving problems including word problems. 

Our focus will be on speed and accuracy and improving our confidence in all areas. 



We are continuing to read the book 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll and focusing on WW2 as the basis for our writing.  This week we are writing a non-chronological report based on the Blitz and incorporating colons, semi-colons, use of questions and the passive voice.  We are learning to use formal language and avoiding slang. 



We are continuing our topic on WW2 looking more closely at the Blitz and sharing our experiences of family and friends from our homework.

Topic Web - Spring 1

Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 parents'/carers' information evening 26.9.18


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9