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Reading at home support

Reading at Home

Reading with your children at home is absolutely essential for children developing both the ability to read as well a love of reading. It is also a lovely time to spend together and build positive memories for the future. Our hope is that you can read for 15-20 minutes at least 5 x a week with your children. 


We have adapted how we support you with this year based on advice and research from reading experts. In terms of books for the children to read themselves there are 2 different ways depending on the age and stage of your child.


From when your child enters Reception they will have access to fully decodable texts at their exact stage. These will be accessed online and they will have a log in for a phonetically decodable reading book. Please click the link below to log in. This will be their book for daily reading.

If you have any issues with lack of technology at home (even short term if something breaks) then please speak to the school and we will provide you with a device.


A big change is that we now ask your children now read these books 3 times before moving on to a new book. This enables them to build the key reading skills of decoding, fluency and adding expression. We really appreciate your support with this change.


Once your child becomes a fluent reader (typically Year 2-3) they will bring home a reading book from school. This will initially be a 'banded book' before eventually moving onto being a 'free reader'.


Every child in the school will also bring home a sharing book. This is a book to be read by an adult or older sibling to the child who brings it home. We do not expect the child who brings it home to read it as it will not be at a suitable level. This book could be read as a night time story for example, it is purely to enjoy and enhance you child's love of reading. 


If you ever have any issues or concern about your child reading at home. For example you are having problems getting them to do it then please speak to your class teacher. We completely understand that it can be challenging, particularly after a long day at school but we can help. This might be advice or it might be we can work with your child in school to help them at home. Please see the video below for further advice about supporting your child with reading at home.


Thank you again for your constant support and for your wonderful children! 




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