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In Maths this week we are learning about length. 


Please complete the following challenges. Recording can be done in the green homework books.


1. Find three things in your house that are less than 1 metre, how long are they when you put them together? (Repeat for different items)

2. Choose three of your favourite books, which one has the longest/shortest perimeter (perimeter is where you measure the edges)?

3. Choose three socks, which one is the longest, which one is the shortest. What are their lengths?

4. Find three things in your house that you would measure in mm, what are they? How long are they? Do the same for items you would measure in cm and in m. 


The school is now partially closed due to the risks associated with Covid-19. We are open ONLY for children of identified key workers or are classified as vulnerable, those in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 and who are pre-booked into school. Every class has lessons set on the class pages (Children - Class pages) which everyone should access. Our latest Newsletter has been published which contains useful hints and tips for teaching your children at home and important information about the school.