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English Rabbits

This week you will be writing a report based on flooding. You will need to use all the skills you have learnt over the term to help you.  Please use your knowledge from the learning quest including the videos you have used on line.  Scroll down to find some ideas to help you. 


Success Criteria

Have you remembered

To write in the third person
Technical vocabulary
Heading and subheadings
Labels and captions for diagrams (if you are including them)
Interesting Sentence starters


Monday  and Tuesday. 
Write your first draft of your report. 


Edit or polish your report (check the success criteria)


Publish your report - make sure you underline your subheadings and leave a line between each subheading. 


Also this week


The words this week are:
calmly, exactly, deadly, bravely, boldly, gladly, deeply, clearly, hourly, quickly, 


Activities could be the same as last week, but also include finding the root word (adjective) and turn them into adverbs by adding ly. 


Complete the sentences 

 The cheetah ran _______________ across the dusty land.

Tommy told everyone about the time he ____________ helped to catch a robber. 

At________________3pm, the wedding began.

Alfie stroked the puppy very ______________________.

The poor woman _________________________ accepted the money from the stranger. 

Please go on spelling shed, so far only 7 year threes have been on. 


Read about flooding online to help with your reports, but do not copy someone elses work into your report use your own words. Continue reading anything you have got at home, local magazines, leaflets, papers, cards, books. 

How to write your report. 
Use the Subheadings below, 

What is a flood?

Different types of floods

Causes of floods

Effects of flooding


You will be able to work out the effects of flooding from the cards you looked at last week. 
What is a flood you should know from the work we have previously done. 
Different types of flood you will find in the Newsround report below along with causes of flooding.


When editing use the success criteria to check and recheck your work and on Thursday remember best handwriting.

Clear ascenders and descenders
Finger spaces
Large enough t be read by someone else
Rounded letters


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9