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Session 1

What are rules?


Are they important or not?

Do you have any rules at home? 

Do you think you need to change or have any more rules at home?

Discuss with an adult.


Look through this powerpoint together and talk about rules.



Session 2


What are responsibilities?

Do you have any responsibilities at home and if so what are they?

Maybe you are responsible for a pet, or making your bed or helping with a job? Can you remember what your class job was?


See if you can record your responsibilities here is an example.

Session 3


This session is all about taking turns.


Play games with someone at home, ideas are:

Session 4


This session is about 'Lending and borrowing / Sharing and caring'


Sharing is caring is a motto we use at school. 


Talk about respecting other people's processions if we have borrowed it. 

Talk about letting other people borrow our things.




Exciting news! Churchfield Nursery are excited to announce we now have Nursery places beginning September 2020. Applications can be made for children from Birth to four years old.