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This week we will be practising the phoneme oo and oo.

Remember oo is a digraph (2 letters that make 1 sound) and they make two different sounds.  The long sounding oo (as in boot and moon) and the short sounding oo (foot and cook).



Words to practise:


Long sounding oo                    Short sounding oo

too                                           look

zoo                                           foot                             

boot                                         cook

hoof                                         good

zoom                                       book

cool                                         took

food                                         wood

root                                         hook

moon                                       hood                           


How many other oo words you can find?


Sentence for writing:


Having food in the tent is fun.

Dad cooks chicken for them on hot coals.


Yes/No question (for reading):


Is the moon far off?

Can a coat be hung on a hook?


Here are some common exception words to learn, try putting them into a sentence with one of the oo words for writing.  For example:    I took my friend to the zoo.  In school I can ask to get a book.









Exciting news! Churchfield Nursery are excited to announce we now have Nursery places beginning September 2020. Applications can be made for children from Birth to four years old.