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Churchfield Church School and Nursery

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Our 'Untraditional' Tales

The Queen and The Three Servants

The Ugly Teacher and The Three Pupils

Harley and The 3 Tables

Mission: Explosives

The Three Prefects and The Evil Teacher

Harry Potter and The Three Evil Wizards

The Three Boys and The Vicious Tiger

The Three Wolves and The One Explorer

The Spider and The Three Ants

Mr Ballard and The Three Kaceys

The Three Harleys and The Bad Teacher

The Three Ninjas and The Assassin

Connie and The Three Crisps

The Evil Teacher and The Three Children

The Three Children and The Tiger

The Lenses and Glasses

Trump and The Three Mexicans

The Three Bins and The Dustbin Truck

The Three Chicks and The Ugly Troll

One Moon and Three Astronauts


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