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Oak (Yr3)


Welcome to year 3!


Everyone has settled in really well and we our learning is already in full swing.


This week we have linked all of our learning to the book Leaf.


Very soon we will have some wonderful art work and poetry to share on these class pages, please check back regularly to see all of our hard work.


Important reminder: Our class PE day is Monday, taken by our PE coach, We also have an extra session with the class teacher on a Tuesday, please can the children wear their PE kit to school on both of these days. 

Oak class, you have made it to the end of year 3!


Although this isn't how we pictured the year ending, I really hope you have had a good year with lots of fun and learning. You should all be very proud of yourselves, each and every one of you has achieved so much and been an excellent member of Oak class.

Please see below for your final home learning activities. 


Have a wonderful Summer and I hope to see you around the school in September


Mrs Waters 



Tay's extra home learning.

Still image for this video
Tay has been working hard on lots of projects alongside his home learning. One of his great ideas was to combine learning angles with semaphore ( a way of communicating information through the position of flags.) He had to be accurate so his brother could read his codes. Great teamwork!
Have you been doing anything extra you would like to share with your class? Please send pictures or short videos into our class email address.

Half term

Next week is half term, so take the time to enjoy some time with the people in your house and get out and about in the fresh air where you can.


The websites below have some fun stone age activities you might like to try over the half term

*Important *

I now have an email address for us to be able to communicate while school remains closed. However, I don't have an email for all children, if we you haven't received an email from me please contact the school office and give them your up to date details. Thank you.

Welcome back to the summer term!


Hi Oak class, We have now started the summer term. Although we aren't together again, there will be plenty of activities put onto this page for you to keep you busy and not missing out on what you would have learnt if we were together.


You will find daily maths and English activities but you will also find a learning quest, this is your topic. As well as these activities keep up with your spellings, times tables and read as often as possible, anything you read counts.


Very soon I will provide you with an email address to send pictures of your work so I can see what you have been up to. Keep checking back to this page for more information. 


Take care of yourselves

Mrs Waters

Stone age knowledge organiser, use this to help with your new topic.

While children are not in school, please find below the work we would like them to complete. We will update this page regularly with further work.


Twinkl has provided free year 3 home learning packs to be downloaded: Follow this link



Children can also access the following websites to support their learning:



Mrs Mattocks' phonics group


If you were in Mrs Mattocks' phonics group there will be some phonics phonemes (sounds) uploaded regularly for you to help keep up with your learning. 


Over Easter your sound is 'qu






The words to practice are 

quiz, quit, quick, quack and queen.


Remember 'see it, say it, write it.' 


Then have a go at writing the sentence below using the sound you have just practiced


Can a duck quack?


When you are confident with the 'qu' tricky words to learn are


he, she, we, me and be.


As always see the word, say the word then write the word.

In addition, here are some ideas for projects that children could complete at home:


  • Design a finger gym activity to explain to the class when you return
  • Investigate what is inside any fruits you have at home (how do they protect the seeds0
  • If you have a house plant or some seeds please help to look after it. 
  • Place a carrot top on a saucer of water, what happens over the coming weeks?
  • Have a go at making your own background wash using this method

Week 2- Spring term


We have had another fun week in school. Everyone is finding our earthquake topic interesting and we have already learnt a lot about why they happen. This week we learnt about the epicentre and the hypocentre and looked in detail at plate boundaries on a world map. 


We will soon be starting a new book called 'Earthquake terror' by Peg Kehret.


In our maths we have started our spring time 'Power maths' activities, we are working on multiplication and division linked facts. There are lots of fun games to support this online, a good website for this is top marks. 


Welcome back to our Spring term.

This half term we have a new topic, Earthquakes!

We will be learning all about how and why Earthquakes happen, where in the world they are most likely to happen as well as creating Earthquake art alongside Japanese calligraphy. 

In our literacy we will start by learning all of the features of  a newspaper report and then writing our very own newspaper report on an imaginary local earthquake. 


Week 1 got off to a great start, we have played a game where we learnt what we would need to pack if an earthquake struck and what our survival kit would need to include. We have interviewed a pretend witness of our local earthquake and started to sort our report into paragraphs.

We have reminded ourselves of the continents and oceans of the world and will use these to help us locate plate boundaries and see where earthquakes happen often.


We have also decided to try and raise some money for the red cross who we have been learning about as they help people who have lost things due to quakes. Keep looking back here for updates on what we have decided to do. 

Recording ourselves reading our recounts of the Christmas truce.

The children have worked very hard to write a recount of the Christmas truce from the trenches of WW1. They all wrote three paragraphs, which included accurate speech punctuation, description and simile. We then recorded these and tried very hard to use our voices to show expression. Some of us felt a little but nervous, but everyone had a go!


Unfortunately, the videos are too large to upload onto our class page but if you would like to see your child's video please pop into the class. 

Science days, we all enjoyed two days of science across all of our learning, linked to keeping humans healthy.

Week ending 13th December 2019

WW1 Drama workshop

On Friday we were lucky to have a workshop teaching us all about life as a soldier in World War 1. We learnt how the war started and why people joined as well as having a go at marching, dancing and taking part in some of the activities they did during the Christmas day truce. All the children found this really interesting and everyone enjoyed taking part in the interactive experience. 

Week ending 6th December

This week has been a busy week in year 3!

In maths we have continued to get to grips with our new 'Power maths books' and the children really enjoy getting out the text books and working in different ways to help them understand the concept of the lesson. This week we have focused on multiplying and dividing 4 and 8. 

In English we have started our final writing sequence of the year. We have recapped speech punctuation and learnt about how to use a simile to spark a readers imagination and help make our point.

In our history learning, we have continued to improve our sketches of a soldier by using a critical eye, on Friday we used colour mixing skills to paint our sketches. 

Week ending: Friday 29th November 2019


This week we have been working hard to complete our writing. We have written persuasive letters to encourage someone to join the British army. We included conjunctions, contractions and rhetorical questions in our letters. Every time we do writing, we continue to try hard to use our best cursive handwriting including capital letters and full stops correctly.

In Guided reading we have been reading the book 'Farther' and make some soundscapes and lists of emotions about the characters. 


Year 3 have had an exciting mathematical week! We have started to use our new Power Maths books with a focus on multiplying and dividing.

Together we use the text books to help us learn and practice different skills and methods of reasoning. Then we use our own books to calculate and use our skills to work out many mathematical problems.


We read some information about Roman soldiers and British soldiers. We made a list to show the differences before making some top trumps cards using the information we had gathered.

As part of our learning about World War 1 Ms Cox brought lots of historical artefacts to school this week. The photographs, postcards, letters and books from the war inspired us to find out more about the soldier and the adventures he had during the war. We felt like investigators as we pieced together all the different information.


We are very proud of our portrait sketches of a World war 1 soldier. We looked at some portraits of soldiers and had a go and drawing our own soldier, thinking about the emotions of the soldier. The second, third and fourth time we drew the portraits, only saw our skills developing as we evaluated what we had done well and how we could improve our sketches. We are looking forward to mixing colours and camouflage to the pictures over the next couple of weeks.

Week ending 22nd November 

This week we have been continuing our learning journey about world war 1. You can see what we have been learning on the world war 1 display in our classroom. 


We have been practising our skills by writing a persuasive letter to encourage someone to join the roman army. 
next week we will be using our skills such as conjunctions and contractions in our independent published letter, persuading people to join the British army. 



In our maths lessons we focussed on our 2 and 4 X tables and the links between them. We used our knowledge of the X tables to solve problems and explain our reasoning. 


We made zig zag books putting key world war 1 events in chronological order using our maths skills. 
we spent a lovely day at Caerleon Roman fortress in Wales, experiencing what life would have been like for a Roman soldier. We dressed in armour, marched in the amphitheatre and took part in a Roman banquet. 



On Monday we were dotty about spots for children in need. We looked online and found out about all the good things update bear does to help

children in need. We decorated a biscuit, following the design of Pudsey’s bandage and spots. We then wrote the instructions out in case anyone else wanted to make their own biscuit. 


we watched Austin’s butterfly to inspire us to sketch portraits in more detail. We are sketching a soldier and each time we try we are improving. 

Our trip to Caerleon

Marching like a Roman!

We used commands to train like a Roman soldier.

Weekly homework


Each week in Year 3, the children are expected to complete the following homework:


- Reading at least 5 times a week. Each week should be recorded in your reading record book. Remember that this can be any reading you choose to do - your school book, your favourite magazine, a sports' website or anything else you are interested in.


- Practising your times tables - learning our tables to 12 x 12 is really important. Each child has a times table book. They should complete one page of practise each week ready for a test on Friday. There are 5 boxes on each page, so practise once a day to keep your times table knowledge fresh.


- Practising your spellings. Every week we have a spelling test - please practise your spellings ready for their test on Friday.


Please see your child's teacher if you have any questions about the homework.

Roman museum 


Children in Year 3 have made invitations for their parents to come and visit our Roman Museum on Thursday 17th October at 2pm. 

This will be an opportunity for you to see all the wonderful Roman artefacts that were made as part of their homework, as well as some fantastic writing and topic work that we have completed in class. 

We hope you can make it! 

Harvest collection 


We are collecting donations towards our Harvest collection: each class will collect together a box of donations and these will be taken to Burnham Food Bank just before half term. 
The best items are tinned foods, dry goods such as pasta and rice, and toiletries are also useful.


Thank you for your support! 

Welcome to year3!

We hope that you have all settled in well and are getting into the swing of being junior children. Your teachers have been very pleased with your positive attitude to all the changes that being in year 3 brings, let's keep up the hard work and have a great year together!


Exciting news! Churchfield Nursery are excited to announce we now have Nursery places beginning September 2020. Applications can be made for children from Birth to four years old.