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Session 5


Listen to this piece of music.   

How does it make you feel?  Write down and tell a grown up how it makes you feel.  Compare it to the music from last week.  How are they different?  Did they make you feel differently?  Think about the instruments that you can hear.  How Think about the pitch.  Is it high or low?  Is the music fast paced or slow?  How does that compare to the music from last week.   


Session 4


Walking with Dinosaurs. Listen to this piece of music.  How does it make you feel? Write down or tell a grown up some words to describe how the music makes you feel. 

Session 3


Listen to this piece of music 



Now watch this video with no sound and play the theme tune again.  Why do you think they’ve used this music.  How do you think it feels to be on the ride? 

Session 3


Watch this video about pitch. 


Can you make a high pitched noise?  Can you make a low pitched noise? 


Look at some of the dinosaurs we’ve been learning about.  Can you make noises that you think they might have made thinking about pitch.   

Session 2









  • Talk about the pulse in our body and how it makes a regular pattern. Talk about how it gets faster and slower.  
  • Explain that music has a pulse or a beat. Sing some songs with a strong pulse – ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’, ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ and get the children to pat their knees to the beat. Introduce the dinosaur version of ’10 Little Indians’  Learn the words together and practise. Practise clapping softly in time with the music.  
  • Discuss the fact that music with a strong pulse/beat makes you want to move along with it – tapping feet, dancing etc. 


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