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WC 25th May
Listen to the three pieces of music again from previous weeks. Draw a picture to represent one of the  pieces of music. Can you decide whether or not you like the music and give reasons for this.  
WC 18th May
Listen to sounds of the beach. Children to talk about what they can hear.  Discuss if it sounds calm/busy/quiet/loud. Listen to ‘Sailing by’.  (Link above) Discuss the mood of the music and how it makes the children feel.  Discuss the instruments that are played and the tone of the music, soft, gentle. Compare this with the traditional song from week 3 and the song learned in week 4.  How are they different?
WC 11th May

Previous work

WC 20.4.20

Make a musical instrument from household objects. 

Here are some ideas but be as creative as you like!

WC 27.4.20

Practise clapping a rhythm to four beats. Introduce the children’s instruments and incorporate them into the rhythm. Extend the 4 beats to 8.   

WC 4.5.20

Listen to ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ (link to history). Discuss the old pictures of beaches looked at in art. Discuss the meaning of traditional seaside music.


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