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Curriculum Map Summer Half Term 1 2021

Year 6 will be doing PE on a Friday every week. 

Week Beginning 15th March 2021

I can’t quite believe that this is my final week with wonderful Yew Class

They truly are a fantastic group of children who are such a credit to their families, school and community.  I will miss them all but feel sure they will continue to make excellent progress and do themselves proud.


This week we will be finishing our 3 Little Pigs topic: the children will be creating scripts and filming interviews of the piggy ringleader!  Hopefully their paper mache masks will make it a memorable and fun end to my time at Churchfield.


Things to remember this week: PE is on Tuesday and Red Nose Day is on Friday

Week Beginning 8th March 2021

Welcome Back!!!

How wonderful it is to have Yew Class all back together after what seems like forever!!  The children have returned full of energy and enthusiasm which is absolutely fantastic.


Over the next 2 weeks we shall be focusing on wellbeing and settling back into routines.  We therefore have 2 fun-filled weeks planned, centred around the familiar story of The Three Little Pigs!  We will be looking at the story from different perspectives and uncovering the truth about what really happened!  After the project ends the children will resume their learning about Ernest Shackleton’s famous expedition to Antarctica.


In maths we are studying area, perimeter and volume which will provide lots of opportunities for practical activities.


We will not be setting any homework for the time being (I think we all deserve a break from home learning!)  However, we would like the children to continue regular spelling and times tables practise, as well as reading for pleasure. 


PE is now on Tuesdays every week… better to keep things simple! 😉

Please go to the Willow page for all home learning during January lockdown. 


Completed work can be emailed to Mr Ballard


Any requests for help with the work can be emailed there too and Mr Ballard will be happy to reply via email or phone call if you prefer.


Please continue to regularly use TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed as these will be monitored and tasks will be set for you.


Stay safe, see you all soon.

Week Ending 17th December 2020

Thank you to all children and families for your efforts to make this term so successful.  It has certainly been eventful… and I think we’ve all earned a good rest over the festive period!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Mrs Trinick 😊

Week Ending 11th December 2020

Yew class been continuing their fractions work this week by looking at the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages.  I have been very impressed by how easily they have been able to apply the maths skills to real-life problem solving.

In English they have started to write their own Victorian themed Christmas stories.  This is the perfect opportunity for them to show off their superb imaginations by creating Dickensian style characters.

We have also been thinking about kindness this week, both in our own lives and in the nativity story.  The children shared their thoughts and it was touching to hear how much they appreciate all their friends and loved ones.  What lovely children they are!  

Useful info: PE is on Monday next week.    

Week Ending 4th December 2020

It was wonderful to welcome the children back to Yew Class this week.   They made a great effort with home-learning on the whole, so we have been able to get back on track quickly.  Their new knowledge of fractions is very impressive and their excellent recall of our class story ‘Streetchild’  means we will now be able to focus on writing historical fiction texts in English.

Useful info: PE is on Friday next week.    

Hello Yew Class,


While you are learning from home, Mr Ballard and I will be creating videos to support you with the tasks that we set.  You can find them by following the links in the New and Events section of this website. 


Work will be emailed to you, but you can also access it on the website via the Willow Class Page.


Take care and keep smiling,


Mrs T wink


Week Ending 13th November 2020

We’ve had another super week in Yew Class and I’m very pleased with everyone’s progress.

Useful info: PE is on Monday next week.    



This term we are thinking about the question Was life fair in Victorian times?  We have been reading about Dr Barnardo and have chosen the book Street Child by Berlie Doherty as our focus for the term.  Later in the term we will attempt to write narratives inspired by the story, but this week our writing focus was balanced arguments.  The children have explored arguments for and against education being compulsory: an interesting debate in the current climate!




The children have been working hard on fractions this week and have amazed me with the speed at which they’ve picked it up.  They have been looking at fractions of shapes as well as numbers and have been applying the skills they’ve learnt to real-life problems. 


Learning Quest 

This week we enjoyed finding about schools in Victorian times and thought about the similarities and differences with modern classrooms.  We also took time this week to consider the festival of Remembrance and its importance.  The children created a wreath which we laid at the church on Remembrance Day.


      Home Learning and Homework 


Home learning will be provided here should any children be required to self-isolate.

This week’s maths and spelling homework has been given out - spare copies are available in the classroom if required.  Spellings are also set on Spellingshed for additional practice.

Week Ending 6th November 2020

What a great first week back we’ve had in Yew class!  The children have made me very proud with their effort, enthusiasm and fabulous pieces of work on our mini-topic – CARNIVALS!  

Useful info: PE is on Friday next week.



After reading all about the origins of carnivals, the children independently produced diaries from the perspective of Victorian carnival-goers.  The quality of their work shows what wonderful progress they have already made this year.

They also researched the world’s biggest carnival: the Rio de Janeiro carnival in Brazil.



The children looked at various types of number problems this week including missing numbers and balancing equations.  They are now more confident at identifying which operation to use and have a more secure understanding of inverse operations.


Learning Quest

The children enjoyed learning about the artist Banksy and his controversial style: using stencils to create his masterpieces.  They then set about creating their own stencils and learnt the stencil-painting technique.  We chose birds as the theme for the stencils as we were inspired by the magnificent colours of the Rio carnival and loved watching clips from the film Rio!  They then ended the week by creating some Samba music to really get in the spirit!


Home Learning (for those unable to be in school) and Homework

Week Ending 23rd October 2020 

WOW – where did that first half term go?!   

I’m so proud of Yew class for how well they’ve started their final year at Churchfield.  They are achieving so much and setting a great example to the younger children in school.  This week our new prefects were announced to underpin that fact.  The successful candidates impressed with their applications and I’m sure will continue to impress the school community throughout the rest of the year. 

 I hope the children and yourselves have an enjoyable break next week; they certainly deserve it after all their hard work!  


Useful info: Monday 2nd November is an inset day   



This week the children learnt about Bertha Benz who made the world’s first car journey – what an inspirational woman!  They also created and performed their own poetry to celebrate the Harvest Festival.    



The focus was on division this week.  The children are growing in confidence when faced with word problems and using their times tables knowledge to full effect. 


Learning Quest  

The children have had their busiest week yet: baking cheese straws, designing Christmas cards and furthering their understanding of electrical circuits in science. 

In RE, the children focused on Harvest and its importance to Christians.  They considered the importance of being thankful and the things in their lives that make them thankful.  


Home Learning and Homework  

Some children have been given logins for a site called IDL that can be used to boost their reading and spelling.  Those children have accessed the site in school and will continue to do so.  However, we would also encourage them to access the site regularly at home too.  If your child has a login it will be recorded in their reading diary. 


I have not set any additional homework for half-term, just the usual spellings and maths worksheet (due in by Friday 6th). 


SpellingShed and TT Rockstars are encouraged if your child has time! 

Week Ending 16th October 2020

What stars we have in Yew Class!  They have impressed Mrs Reed and Mr Selby with their maturity and perseverance this week.

In order to support any children required to self-isolate, Myself and Mr Ballard will ensure that work can be accessed from home that is broadly similar to that being completed in school.

It will be accessed via these class pages.

Useful info: PE is on Friday next week

Next homework due 23.10.20.  Please see the link below.  I have posted a video to explain the task (available via the News and Events tab) 



The children have been improving their punctuation this week with a closer look at apostrophes.  They have also enjoyed finding out about historical figures (such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Sarah Forbes Bonetta) and they have focused on describing characters using different techniques.




All the children have made progress this week with their multiplication skills.  We have looked at formal written methods as well as mental strategies for solving problems.  The children are now more confident at using times tables facts to solve more complex calculations.



Learning Quest 

This week the children were introduced to electrical circuits in science which supports their study of Victorian inventions.  It will be wonderful if they are able to devise circuits to power their own!

In RE, the children learnt about Ramadan and the festival of Eid.

Why don’t you ask them to tell you about it?!


Home Learning 

If you are working from home please remember to access SpellingShed and TT Rockstars.  You should also spend time reading each day (for 20 minutes+).

It is really important that you take time to look after your mind and body: set aside time to relax doing the things you enjoy and try to get some exercise (in the fresh air is best).

Here are the home-learning tasks for next week:

Week Ending 9th October 2020

Another week has flown by and the children continue to work hard in class… with the notable exception of when the heavens open!  The rain has been an all too frequent distraction, but quite entertaining too it must be said!

Useful info: PE is on Monday next week



We’ve had cause for celebration this week with our first pen licenses being awarded.  Mr Minton continues to monitor the children’s handwriting progress and was pleased to award several pupils with pens (that they may now use in their English and Learning Quest books).

The next step for them is to aim for a fountain pen license!



In maths, the children have started work on multiplication and have worked hard to solve problems involving square numbers.  Many of the children have superb recall of their times tables which makes this unit of work so much easier for them.



Learning Quest  

This week the children continued planning their own inventions with a little bit of inspiration from Wallace and Gromit!  They drew and labelled their own “Cracking Contraptions” and are now looking forward to the building phase.

In RE the children continued their study of Islam, looking at prayer and rituals.

Week Ending 2nd October 2020

Yew class have picked up the pace this week and have worked hard in school… now just the homework to crack!  We really encourage the children to complete their maths and spellings each week as it makes such a difference; please keep on encouraging them.

It was great to speak with so many parents in our first distanced Parents’ Evening.  Further appointments can be scheduled if requested.

Useful info: PE is on Friday next week



In English, the children have made great progress with their Victorian diary writing and were challenged to start each sentence in a different way.  I’m sure there will be many well-deserved pen licenses to issue next week… watch this space!



In maths, we have begun to focus on the four operations.  The children tackled a variety of problems involving addition and subtraction while also revising a wider mix of Year 5 arithmetic work.  The cobwebs are well and truly brushed off!


Learning Quest 

This week the children began thinking about their own inventions and entered the planning phase.  I have been amazed at how creative and imaginative they are and look forward to moving to the building phase!  Please start setting aside any materials/recyclables that they be able to use.

Week Ending 25th September 2020

Another jam-packed week in Yew Class seems to have flown by…


The children have been reminded of their TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed logins this week so please encourage them to use both at home.  They should also be bringing books home with them each day (and Reading Records) in order to do the expected amount of reading at home.  I know some need encouragement with that, so your support is very much appreciated.

Their efforts will be rewarded through our “Starbooks” loyalty scheme!   


Useful info: PE is on Monday next week





In English, the children have practised their dictionary skills this week and are now enthralled by the book Cogheart by Peter Bunzl.  It is a novel set in Victorian times (but with a twist) and I am sure it will inspire some splendid writing.



In maths, the children have impressed me enormously with their understanding of negative numbers.  They have made steady progress over the course of the week and are now ready to focus on their arithmetic skills. 



Learning Quest  

This week the children independently researched Queen Victoria’s life and learnt about the Great Exhibition of 1851.  Hopefully a little Victorian ingenuity will brush off on them as they shall now start planning their own inventions.

Week Ending 18th September 2020


We have had a busy week in Yew Class and I am so proud of the children for their effort and progress since the start of term.  They have settled into the new routines remarkably well and I can already see an increase in their energy levels and enthusiasm.


I know there are many parents I still haven’t had an opportunity to meet, so I am looking forward to getting that opportunity in the near future.  (Please do get in touch sooner if you have any concerns).  What I can share with you all is that it is an absolute pleasure to teach Yew Class and I know we will have a very positive year whatever obstacles we may face.


Next week we have PE on Friday – it would be wonderful if all children could be in the correct kit.  Spelling and maths homework will be set on a weekly basis each Friday.




In English the children have been studying news reports and taken on the role of journalists.  Their reports are about the journey made by ‘Leaf’ (a lost polar bear) and the finished products range from the sublime to the ridiculous!  It is always a joy when the children inject their own personality into their writing and they have certainly been imaginative with these reports!


The skills we’ve focused on are punctuation of speech and use of the semi-colon.  It is great to see that reflected in their news reports and it will hopefully enrich their writing from here on.





In maths we have focused on reading, writing and rounding large numbers – important life skills!

We shall have a big push on mental arithmetic this year so please encourage your child to work out any number problems that you encounter together.  Ask them “How much change should I get?” when shopping for example.



Learning Quest  

This week in RE we considered the principles of Islam (the 5 Pillars) and ways in which they are similar and different to Christian principles.  The children have also produced some fabulous leaf paintings!  We have some very skilled artists in Yew Class and I look forward to seeing their talents develop.


Week beginning 7.9.20

Welcome back to school!


It has been so good to get back to normal school life this week (with a few more sessions washing hands and other new arrangements to keep everyone safe)!


The children have been amazing and very positive at starting back - it has been brilliant to meet everyone and get year 6 under way so well done to everyone for the best first week of the year I can remember.



We have been using Leaf as our text this week and exploring the themes of migration and climate change which are both covered in the story.  The children have been working on summarising the text and using that to plan a newspaper report which they will draft and polish before publishing next week so watch this space for those!



We have been starting off with place value which is one of our corner stone skills which we have to have embedded so that we can apply it to calculations at every level.  We are working in numbers up to 10,000,000 and will be starting to use the knowledge to apply it to rounding next week which will help us do some really tough problem solving in future.



We are starting off with two weeks inspired by our text (see English) and have used it to inspire some amazing art work which will come together to produce a display in class.  Our work will appear her next week (if all goes to plan)!



Everyone now has a reading book which adults have checked is at the right level to challenge without being too hard.  Please encourage your child to read every day at home.  The diary will stay at school for now to record targets and progress when they read with an adult in the school day.

Spellings went home this week and each child knows which word list they are working on.  They have a sheet to practise each day and will be tested on those words next Friday.

Each child knows what times table they should be working on.  Again, a little run through every day is best or as often as you can.


PE is every other Friday starting 11.9.20  Your child needs to come in PE kit which they can wear all day so there is no need to change at school.  

There is an additional session on Monday of the week they don't have it on a Friday.  For Yew, the next Monday they need to come to school in kit is 14thSeptember.


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9