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Learning Quest

Here you will find all the learning quest work for the week.


 Continue  with purple mash spreadsheets, use advanced tool 1 and 2 to make a picture by putting the right colours into the cells.  When you have finished get a new sheet by clicking in the purple box (top left) and make a picture for someone else.  Create your picture first, then write the key (which cells which colours) at the side then delete the picture.  Can someone else recreate your picture using your key?


If you tried the background wash last week use felt tip pens, pencils or crayons to create a foreground of boats and trees using inspiration from our estuary trip to support you.


Joe Wicks (body coach) will be live steaming a daily half hour PE lesson every morning. He also has children's workouts from home on his youtube channel


Look at the first picture below. What investigation do you think is going to happen? How is it going to be made a fair test. 
If you have paper and a pencil write down what you think will happen.
How will this be a fair test?
Come back next week to see if you were right! 


Exciting news! Churchfield Nursery are excited to announce we now have Nursery places beginning September 2020. Applications can be made for children from Birth to four years old.