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Learning Quest

Evacuate! Why did people evacuate in WW2?

Below, you will find lots of different activities, websites and information all about WW2. Over the next few weeks, you can choose which activities to do from here. Some need printing but most don't. 

You could also: 

  • Create a piece of art inspired by WW2 
  • Find out about WW2 poems and write your own 
  • Listen to WW2 songs 
  • Make a model of a WW2 artefact e.g. a Lancaster bomber plane or a medal 
  • Read books based on WW2 (there will be a list of these after the holidays on the reading page) 
  • Find out about what people ate during WW2 and have a go at one of the recipes 


If you have another ideas then please, give it a try! 


We're really looking forward to seeing what you do. 

Please see the Learning Quest star below for the links to the activities.  


COVID 19 --- Home learning now has its own tab! Please find learning videos here!