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Homework due by Friday 20th December 2019

For homework this week there is another 'my maths' maths task linked to our class work on multiplication and division to be completed. (By the end of year 3 children need to know their 3,4 & 8 X tables inside out.)

We are also putting our Christmas tree up on Monday so if any children would like to make a decoration for the class tree that would be lovely.

Year 3 Homework to be completed Friday 13th December


Please log into your 'mymaths' account, (everyone has been given a login letter this week) and have a go at the task set for you. Any problems please ask the class teacher. 

Year 3 Homework to be completed by Friday 6th December 2019

In preparation for our writing with the lead up to Christmas, children are encouraged to use the alphabet to create a list of vocabulary including adjectives, or sentences about Christmas. 


For example:

A is for angel; B is for barn .....


Angelic Angel; Beautiful barn....


An angel is arriving. 


Draw a small Christmas picture for each letter of the alphabet.




Year 3 Homework due in Thursday 7th November


We will be celebrating Carnival on our first week back in school after half term. 

The homework for all Year 3 children is to design a Carnival Cart. 
Please make a detailed drawing of your cart - include some information to explain:

-  how will it move? 
- why you have chosen that particular design?

- will there be people on the cart? 
- will the people be moving/ dancing/ singing/ still? 
- will there be music playing? 
- what music is it? 
- what is the name of your carnival cart? 
- what is the name of your carnival club? 
plus any other information that you may want to include. 
Please be as creative as you can! 
Happy Carnival All! 

Year 3 Homework due in by Friday 11th October 2019

As part of our topic on the Romans, we would like children to make a Roman artefact at home, using any materials (recyclable or other) of their choice. Please make a fact card to go with the artefact too.

All artefacts will be displayed in our Roman museum at school on Thursday 17th October 2019. Parents will be informed with an invitation to come and visit the museum too.

Homework due in Friday 13th September

This Friday we will be celebrating Roahl Dahl's birthday. For homework this week please can the children prepare something, either a costume or a prop, related to a character from any of his stories. They can bring these in for green time on Friday afternoon in a named bag. Please don't spend any money on the costumes. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.




Head over to the class pages to see the wonderful learning taking place across the school. On Wednesday 18th December we shall all be wearing our Christmas jumpers and having our Christmas meal!