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WC 25th May

Make a fact file about Frank Foley. Include these facts: 


  • His name 

  • Where he was born 

  • His job 

  • Why he was special 

  • How do we remember him?

WC 18th May
Picture 1
WC 11th May
Picture 1

Previous work

WC 4th May
Look at the lighthouses of Burnham.  Discuss what they are and what they are/were used for. Look at the dates they were in use and when they were replaced.
Picture 1

WC 20.4.20

Look at historical and current pictures of the seaside at Burnham. Discuss the differences, what has changed. Sort the pictures into old and new (past and present). If you have any photos at home you could use at home this would be great.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

WC 27.4.20

Look at the pictures below.  Can you sort them from oldest to most recent? Talk to a grownup about what in the picture makes you think it is old/new.  
Picture 1 1984
Picture 2 1913
Picture 3 2019
Picture 4 1936

WC 4.5.20

Look at the lighthouses of Burnham. Discuss what they are and what they are/were used for. Look at the dates they were in use and when they were replaced. Ask a grownup to help you read the information on this site about the lighthouses:


Can you match the statements with the correct pictures?


Burnham’s ‘Lighthouse on legs’ was built because the lighthouse which was already in use had a vantage point that was too low. (This means that it was not high enough to get a good view of the sea).

The lighthouse is painted white with a red stripe.


This light house has always been known locally as ‘the Round Tower’.

The lighthouse used to be 4 storeys tall but it was made smaller so that it was not confused with the Burnham High Lighthouse.


Many tourists climbed the stairs of this lighthouse to see views of South Wales and North Devon.

This lighthouse hasn’t been a working lighthouse since 1993 and is somebody’s home.

Picture 1 1700s - 1832
Picture 2 1832 to date
Picture 3 1832 - 1993


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