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Session 7




Can you investigate where dinosaurs used to live?  You might look at where fossils have been found in the UK or around the world. 


Imagine your own dinosaur.  Choose somewhere in the world it could have lived.  What did it look like? What did it eat? Did it live alone or in a herd?

Session 6


Try and find out why dinosaurs went extinct.  Here is a website that you can go to for information.,dinosaur%20population%20causing%20their%20extinction.%20%20More%20


Can you explain what is a fact and what is a theory.

Session 5


Can you make a dinosaur mask.  Choose your favourite dinosaur and try and make your mask look the same.  Spend some time learning about the dinosaur you choose.  How big was it? What did it eat? Did it travel in herds or live alone? 

Session 4


I can recall fact about Mary Anning and tell my friends about why she is famous in History. 

Refer to previous lesson and discuss who Mary Anning was.  

Why is she an important part of history?  

What has she contributed to history? 

To draw / sketch a picture of Mary Anning and discuss her skills and achievements.  

Session 3


What does it mean to excavate? Watch this video to show you a little bit about it.:


Then, why not have a go at your own excavation?  Using a toothpick/cocktail stick and a chocolate chip cookie.  Try to excavate the chocolate chips! 


Session 2


I can learn about Mary Anning and why she was famous. 

Show children a picture of Mary Anning – in talk partners children to come up with questions to ask in order to find out who she was. 

Show children BBC video about the life of Mary Anning.

Ask children questions about what they have just watching Who was the video about? What did she do? What did she discover? Why is she important?  

Using the questions below make a note of what you know already about our new topic, Dinosaurs!




What are the different types of dinosaurs? 

What did dinosaurs eat?  

When did dinosaurs live? 

What are fossils?  

What were the habitats of dinosaurs? 

What does a palaeontologist do? 

What do we know about dinosaurs from fossils? 


You could record this in a table like this:


What do we know? 

What do we want to know? 

What have we learned? 












If you cannot answer a question, or you want to know more, try and find out the answer.


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9