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This week, you are going to write a setting description based on our Reading work listening to episode 1 of Carrie's War (


You setting description is going to be about the Welsh town that the children arrive in. 

Think about: 

  • What will they see? 
  • What will they hear? 
  • What will they smell or taste? 
  • What will it feel like? Use your sense of touch e.g. hot, cold, wind, rough, smooth.
  • What will their emotions be? Why? How can you show that to the reader without saying "He is sad because..." 


Don't forget to check your work for: 

  • Full stops and capital letters 
  • Does it make sense? 
  • Can it be read? 


Remember - you can always email the school office to show us what you have written! We'd love to see! 


If you've forgotten what a setting is, have a look at this video to remind you:


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