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WC 25th May

Identify other seaside places on map of UK.  

Have a look at the pictures below.  They are other seaside places in the United Kingdon that have some of the same features as Burnham. These are some of them but there are lots more! 

Watch the video about Newquay. 

Pretend you are a tourist on holiday there and write a postcard to somebody back home telling them what you have been up to.  Try and lay it out like this: 



You can then draw a picture of Newquay on the other side.
WC 18th May

Tourism in Burnham.  

Tourism means travelling for fun.  When people visit a place for fun they are called tourists. Burnham is a place people like to visit so there are often tourists here. Talk to a grownup. Why do people like to come to Burnham? Think about the fun things there are to do, things to see, things to eat! You might have said some of these reasons.  

  • The beach 

  • Eating ice cream or fish and chips 

  • The Pier 

  • Arcades 

Now, think about Burnham in summer and Burnham in winter. When is it most busy?  Talk to a grownup.  Why do you think that is? What does that mean for the people who work at the places tourists like to visit? How does that affect Burnham?  Write some questions to ask a family member about what they think of tourism in Burnham and Highbridge.  Be an interviewer for the day and write down people’s opinions about tourism in our area.  

WC 11th May
Look at Burnham Beach picture.  Label it and decide whether each feature is human or physical. Hotel, sea wall, beach, ocean, pier.  

Previous work

4th May
Look at past and present pictures of Burnham and Highbridge.  Write what has changed for each picture. EXT: Go for a walk and try to find where each picture was taken as part of your daily exercise - remember to keep your distance from others. 
27th April

Look at geography of school and surrounding area.  Look at pictures and describe human and physical features. Physical features are parts of the landscape that are natural such as coastlines and woods.  Human features are man made and wouldn’t be there unless humans built them.  These are things like houses, factories, train stations and roads.  


Use the pictures above and if possible, go for a walk with a grownup to see how many different human and physical features you can find in Highbridge and Burnham.  If you can’t go out, how many can you think of that you have seen locally.  Make a list.  

Look at aerial picture of Highbridge.  An aerial picture is one that is taken from above. Ask a grown up to help you identify and label school, Apex, train station, Asda on the picture.  Looking at Google Maps on your computer can help as you can zoom in and out.  


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9