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Session 6


Can you make your own world map.  Here is an example:

Session 5


Spend some time using the resources you have at home to continue learning about the UK and the continents and oceans of the world.  If you have a globe or an atlas you could use these.  If not, Google Earth is fantastic.  

Session 4


Learn about the continents of the world here: 


Scroll down for an exciting video about continents, narrated by David Attenborough!   

Session 3


Learn about the oceans of the world here:

There is a quiz to do at the end!

Session 2


Have a go at the direction game below.  You might need a grown up to help read the instructions.  



Use the videos on the link to learn about the countries of the UK and their capitals.


COVID 19 --- Home learning now has its own tab! Please find learning videos here!