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This website is wonderful for learning tools as well as information on lots of environmental issues around wildlife. Take a look.

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I’ve had this email from The world wildlife fund , I thought I would share it, in case you are interested in celebrating world oceans day.

WWF have again teamed up with the Environment Agency, this time to bring the world of oceans into homes. Join us at 10am on Monday 8th June for a live broadcast where you and your students will be able to hear talks from a number of WWF and EA experts alongside amazing footage. The broadcast will be aimed at 7-14 year olds - but is suitable for everyone - and will include a live chat function to ask questions, and ocean based resources to continue your deep sea conversations.

Please note that speakers and attendees will not be able to see each other. Finally, registration for this event is FREE.


Mrs waters 

Green Peace visit

Recycling in school


As part of our ongoing aim of recycling more in school, we now collect clothes, batteries, crisp packets, used felt pens and milk bottle tops.


We also have some specially built compost bins for food waste.


While the 'Recycling station' is being built please send any of the above items to Mrs Waters class.


Eco week 


This week in school we have had Eco week. All the classes have had a lesson on plastic waste, which links into our whole school target of reducing single use plastic.

Classes have taken part in a 'Trash mob' collecting rubbish from the school grounds and surrounding areas, including Apex park.

Some classes have also taken part in a special homework creating eco bricks out of non-recyclable materials.

Follow the link below to find out more

Milk bottle top collection

We are collecting milk bottle tops for recycling, if you would like to help us, please save them and send them into Mrs Waters.

Eco council visit to Marine cove by Will.

Results of the Eco survey

Earth hour.


On Friday 20th April, in preparation for Earth day on the 22nd April, Churchfield school had it's very own Earth hour.


Between 2 and 3 pm all classes turned off the lights, lap tops and went paper free to raise awareness of how much we actually use in school.


Every class then did their own exciting activities around the theme of reducing plastic pollution. 

Some classes made planters out of old plastic bottles, others made pictures of sea creatures from natural materials and one year group even made an obstacle course from recycled materials.


The whole school really enjoyed doing our bit and the children are now much more aware of the plastic problem facing our planet. 

Read all about the amazing work Churchfield children are doing as they launch their EcoSchools Committee and focus on making the school a plastic free environment.


Find out more about the EcoSchools Project and the SAS plastic free schools project.


ECoSchools launch assembly. On Monday 12th March 2018, Larch and Poplar classes launched their EcoSchools project. They also told us a lot about how we need to ensure we recycle plastic as we try to make the school a plastic free zone.


Exciting news! Churchfield Nursery are excited to announce we now have Nursery places beginning September 2020. Applications can be made for children from Birth to four years old.