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Easter Activities



The hive code for spelling shed is 990430.  The game will begin at 10am on Friday 10th April, see you there!


Welcome to the Easter holidays! We know that you will all have to stay at home over Easter, and it isn't always easy to fill the days, so here are some activities to keep you busy over the next two weeks. 


Firstly there are lots of ideas on the school home learning page

Lots of people are in isolation, why not make someone you know an Easter card and post it to them, people love getting happy post. You could also include a picture of a rainbow for them to stick in their window. 


Create an egg or treat treasure hunt.  Label eggs with numbers 1 to 6 and have a grown up hide them round your house.  Take turns to roll the dice, run to to find the egg with the number you rolled.  If that number has already been found you will have to wait until your next turn. 


Research another country, it could be one that we learnt about in our earthquake learning quest, try to find out if they celebrate Easter, and if so how?


Write an Easter poem, you could try to make this an acrostic, by writing the letters from Easter down your page and then trying to think of something for each letter. 


Have you tried making Easter Eggs out of lego? (don't eat them they will be too crunchy)!


Make up an egg hunt in your home or garden, make clues (they could be rhyming) for others to find the eggs. 


Design Technology - can you make a safe basket for an egg so if you dropped it from an upstairs window it would not crack (chocolate eggs can be used, and remember to check there is no one underneath the window before you try this).


Don't forget we are waiting for photos for the school website of your home learning and of course Easter Bonnets and flags.  

Feeling hungry, have a go at making these Easter biscuits or look for other Easter recipes.


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9