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Churchfield Explorers

Churchfield Explorers is our amazing extra curricular programme. All of the activities are subsidised by the school and many are free. Children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium are eligible for a further subsidy. We are very lucky to have 'Gus' our brand new minibus, which means we can get out and about during lesson times and also after school. Over 190 children have been taking part in lots of different activities and this term we are offering:


Churchfield Voices (choirs for both KS1 and KS2)

Ukulele Club

Cooking Club

KS1 Indoor Games

KS1 Football

KS1 Dodgeball

KS1 Cheerleading

KS2 Netball

KS2 Dodgeball

Stay and Play (EYFS & Y1)

Churchfield Nature Explorers (Yrs 3&4)

Craft Club (Yrs 3&4)

Churchfield Explorers (Yrs 5 & 6)

Churchfield Nature Explorers (Yrs 5 & 6)


In addition you can learn to play a musical instrument. Currently we have children learning to play the keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and ukulele. if you would like to play a musical instrument that is not currently being taught, please see Mrs Woodland in the office.


It has been very successful, with children learning new things and new skills whilst having an exciting time.



Explorers Club Spring 2020


We have a very exciting programme of visits for our Spring Term explorers club. The children will be having excellent experiences visiting a range of local sites including:


- Taunton Museum and Vivary Park

- Glastonbury Rural Life Museum

- Tyntesfield House

- Weston Heritage Trail


We will update the picture gallery with images of our visits during the term.

The children enjoyed a visit to the library.
Picture 1

Christmas lights

Christmas lights 1
Christmas lights 2

Visit to Cheddar Reservoir

Visit to Cheddar Reservoir 1

Berrow Church

Berrow Church 1

Explorer adventures 2020

Explorer adventures 2020 1 Sanders Garden World
Explorer adventures 2020 2 Let’s go for a dip!
Explorer adventures 2020 3 Help!
Explorer adventures 2020 4 Purr! Purr!
Explorer adventures 2020 5 Hide and Seek
Explorer adventures 2020 6 Panda My best friend!
Explorer adventures 2020 7 Hang on!
Explorer adventures 2020 8
Explorer adventures 2020 9
Explorer adventures 2020 10 Berrow Church we wrote a prayer in the prayer book
Explorer adventures 2020 11 On the beach.
Explorer adventures 2020 12 Glastonbury Rural life Museum afternoon tea
Explorer adventures 2020 13 Dressing up as victorians.
Explorer adventures 2020 14
Explorer adventures 2020 15
Explorer adventures 2020 16
Explorer adventures 2020 17
Explorer adventures 2020 18 The Old Barn.
Explorer adventures 2020 19

Burnham Treasure Trail

Burnham Treasure Trail 1
Burnham Treasure Trail 2
Burnham Treasure Trail 3
Burnham Treasure Trail 4
Burnham Treasure Trail 5

Burnham Treasure Trail Part 2

Burnham Treasure Trail Part 2 1 Song time!
Burnham Treasure Trail Part 2 2 We’ve finished!


Tyntesfield 1 Polishing the silver!
Tyntesfield 2
Tyntesfield 3
Tyntesfield 4
Tyntesfield 5
Tyntesfield 6
Tyntesfield 7
Tyntesfield 8
Tyntesfield 9 Pollinating
Tyntesfield 10
Tyntesfield 11
Tyntesfield 12
Tyntesfield 13
Tyntesfield 14 It’s a long way up!
Tyntesfield 15
Tyntesfield 16
Tyntesfield 17
Tyntesfield 18
Tyntesfield 19
Tyntesfield 20
Tyntesfield 21
Tyntesfield 22
Tyntesfield 23
Tyntesfield 24
Tyntesfield 25
Tyntesfield 26
Tyntesfield 27
Tyntesfield 28
Tyntesfield 29
Tyntesfield 30
Tyntesfield 31
Tyntesfield 32
Tyntesfield 33
Tyntesfield 34
Tyntesfield 35
Tyntesfield 36
Tyntesfield 37
Tyntesfield 38
Tyntesfield 39
Tyntesfield 40
Tyntesfield 41
Tyntesfield 42 Miss Blick, Monkey bar Champion!
Tyntesfield 43
Tyntesfield 44
Tyntesfield 45
Tyntesfield 46
Tyntesfield 47
Tyntesfield 48
Tyntesfield 49 Muddy Puddles!
Tyntesfield 50
Tyntesfield 51 Wait for me!
Tyntesfield 52


The school is now closed due to the risks associated with Covid-19. We are open ONLY for children of identified key workers or are classified as vulnerable and who are pre-booked into school. Every class has lessons set on the class pages (Children - Class pages) which everyone should access. Our latest Newsletter has been published which contains useful hints and tips for teaching your children at home and important information about the school.