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Brent Knoll (Yr1)

Welcome back Brent Knoll Class!


It has been a real pleasure to see everyone again after the Summer holidays and what a super start we've had. 

It was particularly exciting to welcome so many family members into our class to help us begin our learning this half term based on childhood. 

We are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  Thank you for your ongoing support. 


PE this half term will be on a Monday, so please send in your children in school PE kit on the day.  

May we also remind you of the importance of reading with your child regularly.  We will send weekly updates of the book your child is reading in school so you can read these with them too at home.  

Welcome to the home learning resources for this week.  We are really sorry that we are home learning again as we love being at school together but we will do our best to make this week as interesting and fun as possible.  We can't wait to be together again in September but, until then, happy learning, happy holidays! Be safe, see you soon.


Mr Ballard, Mrs Packer, Mrs Mason, Mrs Loat and Miss Williams

Tuesday 20th July 2021

Welcome back to the final term of this academic year. The whole school is completing a project on the Olympics and our country is Great Britain. 


Our PE day this term is Tuesday, so please wear PE kit on these days. 


Thank you


Mrs Packer and Mr Ballard

Curriculum Map Summer Half Term 1 2021

Spring term 1

Hi all welcome back to the Spring term.

We have sent emails and Tapestry links out today.

If you have not received these then please can you contact the school office to update your details.

We look forward to seeing all your home learning on Tapestry.

Mrs Packer

Week Beginning 2nd November


It was really lovely to welcome the children back to school this week.  The children have settled  in really well and were full of chat about their half term. 


This week the children have been absorbed in a special project about carnival. We were a bit concerned the children would not remember the carnival from last year, so we got them excited by introducing them to a special visitor who did not know about carnival. The children were delighted to tell the visitor (Bruce from Australia) what they knew about carnival and we watched a short clip to remind ourselves. The children are now making a book for Bruce so he knows all about carnival.  The children have also been designing costumes and thinking of ideas for floats, which have included Minecraft and a Watermelon! Our DT focus has been designing a mask for carnival, after the design process the children have worked, mainly independently, to create their masks and have also asked to make extras to take home. 

In maths we are focussing on finding number bonds to 10, working with a systematic approach to find all the possibilities. 


Mr Carr was back on Thursday for our regular PE spot, this term has a focus on dance, I look forward to seeing their performances at the end of term. 


Please post on tapestry we really do love to see what the children have been up to.

 Chestnut Class just keep on learning!


This week the children have all loved coming in to funky fingers in the morning and have settled in to the new routine well. 

This week we have used the book Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion and I have been amazed by how much the children remembered of the story even after just one read through. 

We have focussed on the Lion's very clever plan and all children have had the opportunity to take part in a  shared read of that part of the story and I was so impressed with their concentration and willingness to try to read. The children then drew pictures to represent the plan.  We have also talked about packing a healthy basket of food for Auntie Rosie and have been designers creating new dresses for the lion, as well as artists creating an African sunset. 



In maths we have been ordering numbers and using ordinal numbers. We loved Mr Selby's PE lesson, including balancing cones on our heads and trying not to bump into each other in a busy hall. 


Next week we will be using the story of Goldilocks, the children again will be designing, this time making a new chair for baby bear. If anyone has any tubes that might be suitable for the legs of chairs, we would really appreciate them by Tuesday thank you. 


Learning is documented on tapestry and we love to hear from you if your child has been talking about their learning at home. 


See you all next week


Mrs Packer

What a busy week in Chestnut Class!



In English we have been continuing to practise our phase 3 phonics.  We have been using every opportunity to blend, blend, blend!  We have been playing lots of 'I spy' games so the children really have to listen to the words to try and find the object.  They really enjoy games like these so why not have a go at home!


Our class text this week was 'The Three Little Pigs', the first of our traditional tales.  We have been learning about what a traditional tale is and how to identify the features.  The children knew so many of them.  We wrote our own speech bubbles for the characters and we sequenced the story.


In maths, we practised careful counting. Silly Miss Nash kept doing it wrong so the children had to teach me how to count carefully.  They were very good teachers!  We looked at number bonds to ten and number formation.  The children are getting very good at counting up and back.  We don't always start at one; sometimes we go wild and start from 20 or 16 or 32!  They children also made some 2D pigs.  They used different 2D shapes to make their pig then filled in a simple graph to see which shapes they used most and least.

Learning Quest

The children have enjoyed lots of different learning opportunities linked to our traditional tales learning quest this week.  They had to find the sight words in the pig's muddy swamp (don't worry, the mud was actually chocolate powder mixed with water but don't tell the children!) They were challenged to build their own house with either straw, sticks or bricks and they produced some beautiful pig paintings.  

We also looked at the story Silly Billy and talked about our worries.  The children really enjoyed making their own worry dolls, like in the story, to keep at home. 

Hello and welcome back!


What a busy start to Year One!  The children have been absolute stars; settling back in to school quickly and ready to learn.  They really are a credit to you grownups at home.  The Chestnut team have really enjoyed getting to know them all over the last two weeks - two weeks that have been fun, busy and full of learning! 


Keep reading below for a snapshot of some of the things we have been getting up to.  Don't forget to check back here every week to catch up on the children's learning.


Miss Nash, Mrs Tasker and Mrs Loat. 

Learning Quest


Since coming back to school, all our learning has been around the story of Leaf. Leaf is a polar bear who gets lost.  At first, other animals are scared of him and he tries to get home by trying to make wings from leaves.  Eventually, there is a happy ending and some crows help him to get home.  We have learned all about being kind to people who are different.  We have also made lots of polar bear crafts.  We learned about the weather in different parts of the world where polar bears live and hot countries and we did some beautiful descriptive writing.





In maths this week we have been practising counting all the way to 100 and back.  The children are fantastic at this!  We have also spent lots of time learning which numbers we add together to make ten.  The children enjoyed doing this using Numicon, part whole models and electronic games such as Numbots.  Please can you help the children play Numbots at home.  They are very keen to login and complete challenges with their friends!



This week in English we have been recapping our phase 2 sounds and practising blending our sounds together to help us read.  We have played lots of phonics games and practised forming our letters correctly. The children have worked very hard and had lots of fun!

Hello Parents


Please note - our PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The children will need to come to school in their full PE kit on those days.


Thank you

Hello Chestnuts!


I hope you enjoyed half term.  We certainly have had some lovely weather!  As you will be aware we will be welcoming some of you back into school and others will be continuing to stay home.  For those of you staying at home I will continue to put work on our class page like before so you can access it in the same way.  


Our topic this term is 'Jurassic Giants' so we will be doing all things dinosaur.  Roar!  


As always, we're missing you all and can't wait to see you.  


Keep safe and take care,


Miss Nash, Mrs Tasker and Miss Boley

Chestnuts - I have decided to put the weekly additional subjects in one folder so it is on one document rather than you having to go into separate folders.  You can still complete them as you wish but I felt this way would be easier.

Hello Chestnuts!


I have put your daily English and maths learning below.  Please do try to complete it every day.  There are lots of other activities for you to try under the subject headings.


Our topic this term is 'Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!' The knowledge organiser below will give you some information about what we will be learning in each subject. 


As always: try your best, enjoy the time with your family, stay safe.




There are new phonics lessons being delivered online from phonics experts in line with the Department of Education scheme, Letters and Sounds.  Please follow the link below and choose the relevant video:


10am for phase 3/4 for children who can read words like 'fish' 'chat' and 'rain'. 

10:30am for the current year 1 phonics teaching.

If your child is on pink or red books please watch the lessons on blending. 


The videos will be available for the summer term so please don't panic if you miss one but do try to watch one each day as well as daily reading.



Home learning Information

While children are not in school, please find below the work we would like them to complete. We will update this page regularly with further work.


Children can also access the following websites to support their learning:


With year 1's phonic screening fast approaching, it is vital you help recap and support their phonics knowledge at home. Here are some great free games:


This a brilliant free website where you can access e-books:

Please make sure you record all reading in their reading records.



Do not forget the amazing Numberblocks available on BBC iPlayer -

These shows are an incredible resource and help deepen children's understanding of number. 


While on iPlayer be sure to check out an episode or two of Newsround. Its a great starting point to talk about many events at an age appropriate level.


The current work set for the children can be found below:

(Children know their groups)


If you have access to a printer have a go at these formation/high frequency words sheets:

High frequency words -

Letter formation (print) -

Letter formation (Cursive) -


We have printed some of these sheets and they are available from school if required. 

This week in Chestnut Class has been filled with fun! 


In English, we have been writing a recount about our trip to 'We the Curious' practising our editing skills to add more information. In maths, we have been subtracting using money and in science we have been learning about what plants need to live and be healthy.  We conducting an experiment to see if seeds would grow with no water and no light and we had some interesting results!  In music we have been listening to Gustav Holtz's 'The Planets'.  The children gave some wonderful describing words to describe how the music sounded and made them feel.  Lastly, we learned about how to keep ourselves safe by the road.  The children were very grown-up and could tell each other what they must do when they are near roads, especially if they want to cross them.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Nash and Mrs Tasker

This week in Chestnut Class.....


We had a busy week this week!  To celebrate World Book Day our focus text was 'The Legend of Black Rock'.  We wrote book reviews, and used our describing skills to describe a setting from the story using adjectives.  We made our own puppets from the story and performed the story in groups.  


On World Book Day we were very lucky to visit 'We the Curious' in Bristol.  We had great fun exploring the different areas, learning about senses, farming, animation and physics and so much more.  We had an amazing multi-sensory experience in the Planetarium learning about different planets and areas of the Solar System.  The children were extremely well behaved and were a credit to our school.   



Performing 'The Secret of Black Rock'.

Spring 2020


Our new topic for this half term is ‘How has life changed’. 
Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about different decades.

One of focus text is ‘Major Glad, Major Dizzy’. The story of two wooden toy soldiers who observe the passing of time from 1870 to the present day. From this we discussion important historical events and predicted how we envisioned our future.  The characters from our story inspired us in DT to design and make our own characters from wooden pegs and create stories featuring our characters in English.

In maths we are focusing on place value and counting in multiples of 2s,5s,10s then we will be moving on to measurement before we break for half term. 

Please find attached the letter recently sent home giving you a further information from the term including homework challenges. 

The first couple of weeks we focused on the swinging 60s. We made flower headbands, painted the peace symbol and talked about how we could be peaceful in our mindfulness sessions. We enjoyed play ker-plunk and mouse trap which were very popular in the 60s. 

We listened to 60's music and discussed popular icons such as The Beetles, Elvis and many more. We spoke about popular films and TV shows such as James Bond and Doctor Who.

We learnt 60's inspired dance moves such as 'the pony', 'Fosse hands', 'the twist' and the very popular 'chicken head'. We then worked in small groups to create a short dance piece to preform to the rest of the class. This was our first time doing this and we worked so well in our groups listening to each others ideas. We are very excited to do this again next week inspired by the 70's. 

29th November 2019


We have had a busy week this week in Chestnut Class.  In maths we have been using number stories to help us with addition and subtraction.  The children use the language of first, then and now to tell the story and decide if we are adding or taking away.  


In English we have been writing stories all about the Go Jetters adventures and problems in the Himalayas.  We made some story maps to help us remember what has happened and to plan our stories. 


In art we have looked at primary colours and how to make shades. We even got creative and named some of our shades. 



6th December 2019


This week in Chestnut Class we have been learning to use the inverse to solve problems in maths.  In English we have been continuing to follow the GoJetters on their travels.  They are currently in Canada and have asked for our help to find out about bears.  We have been looking at the features of non-chronological reports and looking for information in order to write our own reports on bears.  We already knew lots of information!  

Hello and a warm welcome to Chestnut Class!


We have had an excellent and exciting start to Year 1 with our Traditional Tales topic.  The children have been enthusiastic and extremely well behaved, learning lots already.


The PowerPoint below should answer all your new year questions, however please feel free to pop in with any queries you may have.


Don't forget to check back here regularly for updates!


We're looking forward to a successful year.


Miss Nash and Mrs Tasker






Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9