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Blue and Red

This week your task is to write an adventure narrative. As you know, Mrs Barnard is going to be having twins in the summer. She found out this week that she is having a little girl and a little boy.  Your task is to write a story in which the main characters are the twins - don’t worry they don’t have to be babies although they can be if you like!

You need to choose:

  • their names
  • what they are like
  • where the adventure takes place
  • what happens on the adventure
  • what challenges they face
  • how they overcome them

Make sure you keep hold of your stories so that Mrs Barnard can read them to the twins when they are born.You can be as creative as you like. You can type your story, write it up, add illustrations, make it into a little book, make it into a comic...the choice is yours. We can't wait to read them! 


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