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This week, you are going to write a setting description based on our Reading work listening to episode 1 of Carrie's War (


You setting description is going to be about the Welsh town that the children arrive in. 

Think about: 

  • What will they see? 
  • What will they hear? 
  • What will they smell or taste? 
  • What will it feel like? Use your sense of touch e.g. hot, cold, wind, rough, smooth.
  • What will their emotions be? Why? How can you show that to the reader without saying "He is sad because..." 


Remember, the aim is for the reader to be able to imagine the place you are describing not just a long list! You've done some really creative setting descriptions so far this year about the rain forest, Shackleton's Journey to Antarctica and Cogheart. Think about how you can hook the reader in and make them interested in what you are writing. Remember - you can always email the school office to show us what you have written! We'd love to see! 


If you've forgotten what a setting is, have a look at this video to remind you:


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