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Helping your Child with Maths at Home

Below is a link to a short video that explains how we teach number at school and how you could help your child at home. Any questions then please ask. If you do any learning at home please share it on Tapestry, we love to see what the children are doing at home.

Thank you for your continued support.

Helping your Child with Maths at Home

Still image for this video

Sounds of the English Phonic Code - Synthetic Phonics

A video to demonstrate the correct pronunciation of each phonic sound to help support your child at home.

Phonics Practice


This website is really useful to help your child with their phonics. Please go through the sound videos with them.

There is also a blending video which gives you a guide as to what we are doing within the class.


We have got up to the 13th November video.



Lockdown or self-isolation  


In the event of another lockdown all of the Reception home learning will be posted on their Tapestry account. 
If you are having problems accessing your Tapestry account, please let a member of the EYFS team know and we will look into it.

More Learning in Birch Class

What a busy week we have had.....

This week........

This week we have been very busy again. Making our own playdough, investigating floating and sinking, making rivers in the sand outside amongst other things. 

The children are making really good progress with learning all of our sounds so far and some children have started to blend these sounds together to start reading words, how amazing. 


We have started using 5 frames in Maths this week. The children are becoming really confident with them. They are able to subtise the number of dots on the dice, then represent the same number on their fives frame, super work Birch class!

Below are some pictures of all the things we have been up to......

Zones of Regulation


This week we introduced the children to the ‘Zones of Regulation’ system. This allows the children to tell us how they are feeling throughout the day. We are then able to discuss these feelings with the children and give them strategies to cope with them.

Birch Class 2020-2021


Welcome to Birch class. 

We are all so proud of the way the children have settled into school. We have had lots of fun and children have been really engaged in all of our learning. We will be adding some of our fun to this page but don’t forget to check Tapestry to find out about more of our learning. We would also love to see what the children get up to at home, so it would be great if you could add to Tapestry too.


Look at what we have been up to............

The Colour Monster


We have had a big focus on the wellbeing of the children since we came back from the summer holidays.

We read a book called ‘The Colour Monster’. This is all about how the monster feels and it created a lot of discussion about how the children were feeling now and during lockdown.


The children enjoyed sorting all of the items into the correct container to represent in the different emotions.

Birch Class Home Learning Summer Term


Please refer to Tapestry for your child's home learning.

Home Learning 06.04.20

Home Learning and information about teaching videos w/b 30.03.20


The Secret of Black Rock 

As part of book week the children have been reading The Secret of Black Rock to explore the setting further we allowed the children to investigate different types of sea food and fish. We looked at the different body parts (gills, fin, eye, legs, teeth) and named them all.

The Secret of Black Rock

The children have been re-enacting The Secret of Black Rock using the props in the deconstructed role play area.

Visit to Priory Court


This week we have started our weekly visits to Priory Court. The children really enjoyed reading and chatting with the residents. 
We even had some cake and some milk to drink. We can’t wait to go back next week.

Book Talk


Last half term we read lots of books during our book talk sessions. Here are the pictures of all the story maps we created together.


This week we have have been trying to improve our pattern skills. We have been recognising patterns, copying patterns and creating our own. We have used natural materials as well as our coloured penguins. 

Then we looked at patterns in the environment, particularly animal print. We had ago at creating our own.




Making Playdough

In Birch class we have a playdough making station. We have to read the instructions then we follow them to make playdough. We love it.

Making numbers 11-20

This week we have been learning how to make numbers 11-20 using numicon and now tens frames and counters. 

Strength and balancing skills


This week have been trying to improve our core strength and balance. This will help to develop our writing skills.

Book Talk


This term during our book talk time, we have read lots of books. 

When we have finished a book we make a story map together.

Look at all the lovely books we have read so far.

Our Christmas Play

This week the children performed the Christmas play to an audience.

The singing, acting and costumes were amazing. Well done everyone, you all did so well.

Observational Drawing Skills


Last week we worked on developing our observational drawing techniques. 

Look at what some of the children have chosen to do during our independent learning time this week.

Joining Skills


We have been trying hard to develop our joining skills. We used a variety of different paper and card and also lots of different equipment such as paper clips, sellotape, glue and staplers. This activity was fun but also helps us to develop our fine motor skills and also helps us to practise using tools safely.



This week we have been thinking about our local environment. We have made a map and enjoyed putting local landmarks that we know onto our map.

Core Strength Development


This week we have been working on the physical skills which are needed for children to become stronger writers. 


In addition to Funky Fingers, children have been doing activities that involve balance and core strength. A favourite was tree climbing during outdoor learning, which involved using arms to pulls themselves up and legs to push. Children had to assess risks for themselves and demonstrated perseverance to climb higher.




Our Learning


Some of our learning this week.....

Look at our phonics learning in action!

Our new glow pads are very popular.

We have been working on our observational drawing skills.

More learning in Birch class this week.

Reading in Reception


We have found some YouTube videos that would help you support your child at home with their phonics and reading skills.


One of the videos demonstrates all the Jolly Phonics sounds and actions, the others show how to segment and blend words for reading.


We hope these are helpful, any problems please speak to one of the Reception staff.

Carnival Week

This week we have celebrated carnival week.

On Monday lots of us attended Burnham carnival and lots of ideas to share about what we had seen there.

We decided to make our own carnival costumes.

We designed them first, we even tried hard to use our phonics to label our designs.

We then made our costumes using our designs.

We have had lots of fun.

Carnival Costume Designs

Our Carnival Costumes

The Scarecrow's Wedding

We really enjoyed watching The Scarecrow's Wedding at the theatre and seeing a well-known story come to life!

Our Learning in the first half term


What a fantastic start to the year we've had in Reception!


During the first half term we have been assessing the children and seeing what their strengths and their interests are. 


We have noticed that some particular areas that we need to focus on with the children included: Writing; Shape, Space and Measure; and The World. 


To support the children's learning in Writing, we have been focusing on rhyme and letters. In adult led sessions, we have introduced sounds and letter formation. To support their handwriting and their fine motor skills, we do Funky Fingers (including Jedi writing, which supports letter formation). In their play, children have been mark making using whiteboards, notepads, pens, pencils, crayons, paper, chalk on the playground, blackboards, sand, maps, sticks and many more. 


To support the children's learning in Shape, Space and Measure, we have been using language of shapes in adult led sessions. In their play, children have been using blocks and different construction tools. They have shaped playdough and cut shapes. 


To support the children's learning in The World, we have provided opportunities for children to explore a variety of natural resources including water, sand and mud. They have played with magnets and various materials and recently discovered what was inside a pumpkin and how best to cut into it. Children were recently fascinated by opportunities to explore and talk about melting ice. 

Welcome to Reception 

At Churchfield Church School we will offer your child a secure and welcoming environment, in which they can learn and grow. 

In the Foundation Stage our aim is to provide the very best start for your child by developing all the skills they need to become independent learners. 

We feel learning through play is extremely important. We focus on all the areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Physical Development (PD) and Communication and Language (CL).Literacy Development (LD), Maths (MD), Knowledge and Understanding (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD). 

At Churchfield we encourage children to become independent and curious learners and our environment is structured to reflect children’s interests. We have access to a fantastic outdoor area. Within each classroom the children have opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills and extend prior learning. 


During this year our Literacy will be focusing on a number of aspects. We are expecting the children to be able to recognise their name and then to be able to write their name. We will be learning all the sounds, using Jolly Phonics, each sound has an action to go with it to help the children to remember the sound. We will look at letter formation when we are learning the sounds  

The Alphablocks section of the Cbeebies website is helpful to support your child with phonics.
We use the Jolly Phonics sounds and actions to teach phonics.
We use the Jolly phonics songs during our phonics sessions.


In Maths we will be looking at number. We have a particular focus on recognising dice dot patterns, fives frames and tens frames in order to develop a strong sense of number. 

We use Cbeebies Numberblocks to enhance our number sessions. 

We will also be looking at shapes, weighing, patterns, measuring and time. 


The Numberblocks website is helpful for developing your child's number skills.


We will be making observations of the children during their play, you will find these on Tapestry. 



If you are a parent or friend of the school and would like to support the children we are always looking for volunteers, we especially like help with hearing children read, art activities and trips. If you are interested please speak to your class teacher. 



At Home 

It will really help your child to progress if they read as often as possible. When we start learning the sounds, we will let you know which sound we are learning and the action to go with it so you can practise at home with your child. 

Also watching Numberblocks and playing the Numberblocks games would really help develop your child’s number skills. 


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9