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Learn to love, Love to learn

Bath (Yr5/6)

Welcome to Bath Class


It has been great all coming back to school and seeing everyone again. 


This year is going to be fun filled with lots of exciting learning and new experiences including visits.


PE every Tuesday - don't forget to wear your kit to school!

Reading challenges

Please bring your reading book and reading record book to school every day - we will be competitive again to see who manages to read 5 times a week at home!

Are you up for the challenge?

Week one


We started back to school reminding ourselves about our school PRAISE values. 

We created passports and took part in activities exploring what each of the PRAISE values mean to us as individuals, as a class and as a school. 


Perseverance involved us learning how to use sign language to communicate. 

We enjoyed reading 'Have you filled a bucket today?' , then created our own buckets and noted the selfless things people have done for us and what we have done for others.


Respect  activities included using the computers to create Tagxedo word art - lots of different words that all related to respect.


Acceptance and Friendship  for this value we made colourful paperchains - each chain had a thoughtful message handwritten explaining qualities of a good friend, including some things people have done for us and things we have done for them, showing we care.


Independence we created posters to show how we can become more independent in class using the 5Bs. First of all, when we need help we can use our Brains, then look around and use the Boards in the room, or look in a Book, if not ask a Buddy and finally speak to the Boss (aka adult in the class).


Selflessness  using the story 'Have you filled a bucket today', we learnt how important it is to be kind and do things for others. We made our own buckets, and filled each other's buckets noting down the selfless things our friends have done for us in school, and some of the selfless things we do to support our families at home. 


Empathy   we stood in others shoes - not literally, but for a moment. We thought about how it would feel to be in certain situations , and what could we do to help. 


Learn to Love and Love to Learn day, gave us opportunities to think about what love means and how we learn - the things that help us and the barriers and how we can overcome them to become even more successful learners.

Letter from the Queen

Bobby wrote a letter to the Queen in Ms Cox's Marvellous Readers and Writers after school club last term. 

Bobby wanted to send his condolences about the passing of Prince Phillip.

We were all delighted when a letter arrived from Buckingham Palace with a special card in memory of Prince Phillip.

The purpose of the after school club was to inspire children to read and write by writing letters to whoever they wanted to find out information which they could read. Bobby was sent a link to a website with more information where he could find out even more about the life of Prince Phillip. Well done!

Alchemy Island

It's time to suspend your disbelief and open your mind. We're going on a magical journey to Alchemy Island!


Can you find the gold hidden deep in the Island's mysterious landscape? The only way is to study the map, unravel the ride and begin your adventure. 


On the way, you must do all you can to learn about gold and master the ancient art of alchemy. be creative and try to impress the Island's team of ace alchemists. Will they praise your scientific expertise? 


You've got your map, co-ordinates and everything you need to make your way across Alchemy Island. Don't forget to pack your imagination!


Get your suitcase ready, then let the journey begin...


Adventures to Ralph's Wood and Brent Knoll

The purpose of our outing was to serve as a hook for the Alchemy Island work we are doing this half term.  When the levels were flooded, Brent Knoll was known as the Isle of the Frogs and there is a lot of folk lore around it about giants etc.  It forms part of an Arthurian legend where one of the knights rides out to kill the 2 giants detailed in this story.


In Alchemy Island there is a portal leading to another world.  We imagined the top of the Knoll as another world and the children found a portal leading back to the real world using their imaginations.  The Trig point was ideal.  In Ralph's wood children found dens built in the wooded parts which they investigated.


At the top of the knoll, the children imagined when the levels were flooded what the landscapes would have looked like – they would have seen the hills and not the levels.


Children pointed out features using geographical vocabulary, that they would spot on a map eg railway lines et

Our models of Brent Knoll - look at the the contours to show how steep it is!

Learning about the Philippines with Shan

Air Ambulance lands in the school field

Mounted Police visit school

Artists at work

Two members of the class were lucky enough to spend some time with a real artist exploring colour and landscapes. 

On return to class they gave us a detailed account of the processes they carried out to create their masterpieces. Well done both!

Following our topic on Alchemy Island, children wrote original poems and stories which were then collated into a magazine.

Children made invited to their parents to come to school and have an opportunity for children to read their imaginative stories and poems, whilst enjoying a cuppa and a cake. 

All donations form the sales of magazines and cakes will go towards our London visit - thank you everyone for your contributions - MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Well done children! Celebrations for being a Good School!

Max receives his letter from Sea Cadets

Armistice Day - We will remember them.

We have been learning about Britain at War.


We have written prayers to remember the soldiers and those who helped  during the war, including their families.


We did some poppies art work.


We went outside to see the fly past over Burnham to mark the day. An Isaacs Fury biplane flown by Flt Lt Mike Laundy cfs. RAF (Retd.), a Mk 1 Auster flown by Mr Gary Priestley, and a 1947 Aeronca Champ flown by Mr Stefan Potepa and Flt Lt Rick Lee RAF (Retd.) flew over the area.


We took part in a two minutes silence to remember those who gave their lives in conflicts.


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9