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We are continuing with Fractions this week.


Use White Rose Hub - Home learning week 2 to help you - remember to pause the video to work out the answers, don’t just let the video play on and tell you the answers. You will be able to complete a lesson each day, e.g.  Lesson One - Monday, Lesson Two - Tuesday etc.

When you have watched the video, open the activity, don’t worry about printing the pages, either draw the answer on if using a tablet, or write down the ones you can on a piece of paper. 

Fractions challenge

Choose something in your house that can be split in different ways, (toy cars, building blocks, tube of smarties, packet of mini eggs)

Here is an example with toy cars.

Tip out the cars and count them - this is your denominator, now split your cars (by colour, size, number of doors)

Now work out which fraction of the cars is in each group. 


A Very challenging challenge!

To make this really hard ask an adult to complete the activity above and write labels of the fractions (without you looking), get them to muddle all the items back up, can you work out how they spilt the items up?


The school is now closed due to the risks associated with Covid-19. We are open ONLY for children of identified key workers or are classified as vulnerable and who are pre-booked into school. Every class has lessons set on the class pages (Children - Class pages) which everyone should access. Our latest Newsletter has been published which contains useful hints and tips for teaching your children at home and important information about the school.