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Attendance, late arrival to school and absence procedures

It is the responsibility of parents and carers to make sure that children attend school and are in school on time between 8.40-8.50am each school day and that any absence is notified to the school office on every day of absence.


Guidance for parents/carers

Late Attendance

Registers will be completed electronically at 8.55am of each school day.

Any child coming to school after the start of the school day of 8.55am must be signed in through the main school office.

Once the registers are closed this will be marked as an unauthorised absence 'U'.

Absence from school

Day 1 Parent/carer to phone the school by 9.30am the day of absence to confirm the following:

  • Child’s name
  • Reason for absence (“unwell” is not sufficient) to be recorded on electronic register
  • Time/date of doctor’s appointment (if made)

Day 2 As Day 1

Day 3 As Day 1

Note: If the child does not return to school on Day 3, then from Day 4 onwards the school may require supporting medical evidence (eg appointment card/letter, doctor’s note, specialist report, copy of prescription etc) before consideration will be given as to whether or not to authorise the absence (wholly or in part)

Day 4+ Parent/carer to phone the school by 9.30am on each subsequent day of absence until either:

a) The child returns to school or

b) As otherwise agreed with a senior member of school staff

Any absence that has not been notified to the school office will be marked as an unauthorised absence.


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