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Our task for this term for Art/DT is to make a Dinosaur puppet. 


Session 1

There are many different types of puppets during your first session I would like you to look at these examples of how you might make your puppet. This session choose what sort of puppet you would like to make and then draw a image of your puppet and make a list of all the resources you will need to gather to complete this task. This is a great opportunity to learn how to do a running stitch so if you can try to use some fabric in your design. 

Be as creative as you like these photos below are only ideas. My only criteria is that you must be able to move it!

Session 2

Look back at your design double check it can move. Have you marked where the joins are if not don't worry add the joins now so you know how it will work. 

If you are confident with your design can you produce a mock up. Remember this is a practice run do not use all your best resources this is just a practice to see if it works and to over come any issues. By making a mock up your real puppet will be even better! Remember to take photos or videos of the progress I'd love to see how you are getting on with this project. 



Session 3

Review your mock up. Are you happy with it? What do you like? What works well? Do you want to change anything? What could you do to improve it? 

Over this session and the next session I would like you to carefully start to create your puppet do not rush this take your time to make your puppet look the best it can be. 


Session 4 

I hope you are happy with the way your puppet is starting to look use this session to carry on adding further detail to your creation. 


Session 5

Today you might be adding the finishing touches to your puppet. Once complete I would like you to evaluate and review your puppet. 


What is the name of your puppet?

What did you use to make your puppet?

What was the easiest bit of your creation?

Which part did you find the hardest?

Do you like your puppet?

If you were to make another puppet are there any bits you would do differently?


If you could write down or record a video of your discussion about making the puppet I would love to see them.


Session 6  

If technology allows I would love to have a puppet 'catwalk' or 'Showcase' so we can see everybodys efforts. More information to follow!



Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9