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Non-chronological reports

Choose one of the explorers from the website link (you need to scroll down a bit).

Watch the video about them and make some notes.

Next, research more information so that you can answer these questions:

  • Who are they? What was their childhood/early life like? Were they always an explorer?
  • Where did they explore? What is that place like? Where in the world is it?
  • Why was their exploration important/significant?
  • What was their exploration like? Were there any surprises? Challenges? Were they successful?

Finally, turn this into a non-chronological report (just like we did about Black Rock). You could do this on paper or typed. You can choose your subheadings too and you might want to include pictures. Remember, you can always start again, redraft, do a rough version then do a final version with images etc.

We’ll share the writing that we do while we are learning at home when we go back to school so keep hold of your final piece!  


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