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WW2 Research Project

Over the next two weeks, we would like you to do a research project about an aspect of WW2. 

You can include facts, pictures, diagrams, a glossary, whatever will make your project interesting to find out about. You can present your research however you like.


Here are some ideas: 


Here are some ideas of different things you could focus your research on: 

  • Aircraft in WW2 
  • Evacuation 
  • The Blitz
  • The Homefront 
  • D-Day 
  • How were animals used in WW2? 
  • Frank Foley (from Highbridge!) 
  • Dig for Victory and Rationing in WW2


And, of course, you can choose something other than what is on this list. We look forward to reading your research! 


Here are some websites to help get you started: 



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