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Yew - Year 6

Greatwood Camp

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Willow - Year 6Yew - Year 6


Topic Title Year 6



English Text: Hound of The Baskervilles


Journalistic writing


Detective stories

Writing from another perspective


Balanced Argument



Poetry- Imagery

Narrative-New Chapter

Science Light and Shadows


Electrical Circuits

Art & Design William Morris: learning about famous artists
Computing Developing coding skills.
Design & Technology Learning about architects/engineers: Brunel – build a bridge: scrap store
Geography Brunel, human geography, trade: SS GB,
History Victorians: Brunel, human geography, trade: SS GB, Tyntesfield
Music Victorian Xmas
PE Football
Languages French
Trips Tyntesfield 20.9.17


Bristol – Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Docks, SS GB



What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God?


Do religious people lead better lives?

Do all religious beliefs influence people to behave well towards others?


 How significant is it that Mary was Jesus’ mother?


Do sacred texts have to be ‘true’ to help people understand their religion?

PSHE SRE, Mindfulness


Congratulations we had 365 students with 100% attendance this week.