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Sycamore - Year 6

World Book Week


We have had a busy week for 'Book Week'.  On Thursday there were lots of great costumes and it was exciting to see everyone enjoying talking about books and their favourite characters. 

Don't forget to tell other people if you read a great book and recommend it!  There will be a board in the classroom too, that you can do this on too.



This week in English we have focused on descriptive writing of both characters and settings.  On Friday we created our own future serving robot.  Some people had some fantastic ideas about what the robot might be able to do for them - lots of people wanted them to do their homework for them!  

We are continuing to work on learning about grammar - can you remember what each of these mean?  (Answers at the bottom of the page)


Proper nouns




In Maths our focus has been on shape, measure and area.  We have revised lots of different 2D and 3D shapes. We have also revised how to find the area of rectangles and squares and used this to find the area of compound shapes (2 rectangles joined together for example). 

We continue to practise our times tables and those who are confident are learning how to apply this knowlege to decimal calculations and multiples of 10/100 etc.  

Can you remember the properties of the following shapes?

1) Rectangle

2) Square

3) Regular pentagon

4) Trapezium

5) Parallelogram 





Prepositions - these tell you where something is, or when something has happened.  Examples include:  in, on, with, behind, beside, before, after, towards, inside, outside


Proper nouns - these are nouns which are names of people, places, things.  Examples include:  Italy, Churchfield, George Street, Ben, London, Highbridge


Pronouns - this is a word that replaces a noun in a sentence.  Examples include I, me, mine, myself, she, he, her, we, us, ours, herself and ourselves


Maths information

Rectangle - 2 longer sides and 2 shorter sides, 4 90 degree angles, 2 lines of symmetry. 2 pairs of parallel lines. 

Square - a regular shape because all the sides and angles are the same.  4 lines of symmetry.  2 pairs of parallel lines. 

Regular pentagon - a regular shape with 5 equal sides and angles.  5 lines of symmetry, 0 parallel lines. 

Trapezium - an irregular shape.  1 line of symmetry and one pair of parallel lines. 

Parallelogram - an irregular shape.  No lines of symmetry and 2 pairs of parallel lines. 

Welcome back after half term!


This half term we will building up to SATs and continuing our topic on WW2.



We will be looking at a variety of Maths topics and areas this week.  Each lesson will begin with an arithmetic focus - such as long multiplication, finding percentages, converting units of measurements.  We will then move onto more reasoning work - looking at applying the Maths we have learnt to solving problems including word problems. 

Our focus will be on speed and accuracy and improving our confidence in all areas. 



We are continuing to read the book 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll and focusing on WW2 as the basis for our writing.  This week we are writing a non-chronological report based on the Blitz and incorporating colons, semi-colons, use of questions and the passive voice.  We are learning to use formal language and avoiding slang. 



We are continuing our topic on WW2 looking more closely at the Blitz and sharing our experiences of family and friends from our homework.

Topic Web - Spring 1

Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 parents'/carers' information evening 26.9.18


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