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Rowan - Year 4

Homework due in on Thursday 18th October. Please see the class teacher if there are any issues with completing this weeks homework. The sheet does not have to be printed but the questions need to be answered and spellings practiced in the green Homework books

Homework due 11/10/18. Please speak to the class teacher if you have an issue with the homework.

Homework to be completed by Thursday 4th October 2018

Here is a copy of the presentation on the Expectations For Year 4, that was shown at the Parents Information Meeting on 26/9/18

Homework due in Thursday 27th September 2018

Here is the timetable and year overview for Year 4

Here is what Year 4 are learning during the Autumn term.



This week, we have spent our afternoons producing art work for our exhibition on Friday.  The theme of Art Week this year is "Somerset".  We have produced pictures of Burnham lighthouse in the style of Casper Friedrich.


We are also in the process of producing papier mache balloons for a Somerset Balloon Fiesta!

Pictures in the style of Caspar Friedrich

Pictures in the style of Caspar Friedrich 1


Congratulations! This week we had 371 children with 100% attendance.