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Over the Easter holiday we would like the children to have a rest and recharge ready for the summer term. So there is no official homework.

If you would like to get ahead for our next topic of time, try and think about things such as how many seconds in a minute, how many minutes in an hour and also keep asking your parents what the time is, asking them to show you the pointers on their watches. If you can tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes that would be great. 

Have a lovely break.

Christmas holiday homework


Please see the important information in the newsletter and Latest News section of the website about a change in the finishing time from 1st September. Please remember to collect all lost porperty from school by 4pm Friday 5th April. Anything left after this time will be recycled. Have you signed up for a Magic Breakfast? Bagels, cereal and porridge served every day from 08.15-08.30....and it's free for everyone! Please book in by completing the form at the school reception.