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Fir - Year 2

Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn 1
Signs of Autumn 2
Signs of Autumn 3
Signs of Autumn 4
Signs of Autumn 5
Signs of Autumn 6

Art Work display and extra pieces from the classroom

Forest School Walk for English

Spellings for Year 2

Spellings for Year 2 1
These are the words your child should learn and use in their work by the end of year 2.
Welcome to Fir Class.  It was lovely to meet Fir Class at the start of September. 

Homework Help. Here is a map of the United Kingdom to help you find the places needed for the task.

Fir Class Curriculum Topic Map

We used the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' as the stimulus for our English and art work.  We designed clothes for a crayon to wear and made our own crayon pictures.

Here is a mixture of designs and crayon pictures.

In maths we have been investigating numbers and how the place of a digit in a number shows how much it is worth.  Then we used lots of different things to represent a number. 

Making numbers


Congratulations! This week we had 369 children with 100% attendance.