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Chestnut - Year 1

Our Trip to Greatwood was so much fun, we learnt lots about different trees, used adjectives to describe objects we found and made nature crowns.

This week we have been given a class iPad, the children have enjoyed taking photos of each other and their learning.

Chestnut - Year 1

Welcome to our class web page.


The adults in our class are Mrs Wells (Monday-Wednesday, Friday), Mr Fisher (Thursday) Mrs Lukins, Mrs Mattock, Mrs Loat, Miss Boley, Miss Woodberry, Mrs Nicholls and Miss Besley.


Topic Title


Into the Woods



  • Information texts (non fiction)
  • Stories on a theme
  • Poetry
  • Multiplication and division multiples of 2,5, and 10
  • Fractions
  • Position and direction
  • Place value within 100
  • Measurement money
  • Time
  • Plants
Art & Design
  • Sculpture and Collage
  • E-safety
  • Coding


Design & Technology
  • Animal habitats-modelling 
  • Maps
  • Famous historical individuals
  • To experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the interrelated dimensions of music
  • Greatwood
  • Judaism
  • Health and Wellbeing 
We all enjoyed the Easter Bonnet Parade and making nest cakes at the end of term. Happy Easter everyoneindecision
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Year One enjoyed a snowy visit to Bristol Zoo on Monday to support our science topic of animals. We were all really keen to see the meerkats as we’d already learnt so much about them in class. Whilst we were there we listened to a talk about the lions and watched them being fed some rather large chunks of meat. The children really enjoyed the day and on return to class we wrote up the day in a recount.



Congratulations we had 365 students with 100% attendance this week.