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Ash - Year R EYFS

Fire fighter visit

Fire fighter visit  1
Fire fighter visit  2
Fire fighter visit  3
Fire fighter visit  4
Fire fighter visit  5
Fire fighter visit  6
Fire fighter visit  7
Fire fighter visit  8
Fire fighter visit  9
Fire fighter visit  10
Fire fighter visit  11
Fire fighter visit  12
Fire fighter visit  13
Fire fighter visit  14
Fire fighter visit  15
Fire fighter visit  16
Fire fighter visit  17
Fire fighter visit  18
Fire fighter visit  19

The bear trail is an amazing muddy obstacle course. 
We had great fun climbing over and crawling under the obstacles. 
We had rope swings with huge muddy puddles underneath them, a few of us got soggy shoes. There was a zip wire, this was all dry but still great fun. We really enjoyed our day. 

Thanks for all the volunteers which made this trip possible. 

Sports day


All the children were so well behaved at our sports day, they took part in lots of different activities.

Picture 1
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Picture 21
World Cup week 

In Ash class we are really enjoying our world cup week - previously we took part in a whole school assembly where each class randomly selected two countries/teams to support and learn about. Ash class selected Iran and Brazil. We have been focusing our learning around football and these two countries this week. 

So far we have:

  • Made our own Rio Carnival headdresses inspired by the Rio Carnival from Brazil
  • Experimented with clay to sculpture our very own Christ the redeemer
  • Painted the Brazilian and Iranian flag
  • Kept a score and watched the highlights of the Brazil, Iran and England football games 
  • Played finger football
  • Looked at maps and our class globes to find Brazil, Iran and England
  • Ordered numbered footballs
  • Practiced our football skills dribbling around sight words outside
  • Painted mosques and the famous Iranian Cheetah
  • Sorted football kits with trigraphs and diagraphs that were buried in sand
  • Made our very own golden world cups

We will be doing even more fun and exciting things over the next few days and keeping an eye on the upcoming matches to add to our score chart. Keep checking back on our website and Tapestry for more updates. 



Our new theme is pirates.

We have studied maps and created our own. So far we have followed instructions and manipulated materials to make our own Pirate hats, hooks and treasure chests. We focusing on the stories 'We're going on a treasure hunt' 'The pirates next door' and will move on to 'Pirates love underpants'. 

We love playing in our pirate ship that we  helped to create.


Remember on Friday 15th June we will be spending the day dressed up as pirates! Come to school ready to walk the plank! 

We have celebrated The Royal wedding this week in Ash class. We have designed our own royal crests and shields, made crowns, flags and paper chains as well as enjoyed our very own street party. 

We have also walked down the red carpet and pretended to get married with lots of important guests. 


Here are just a few of our photos. 

We really enjoyed our trip to Pizza Express in Weston. We all individually made our own pizzas and tasted lots of different ingredients. 

Supertato tasks

Supertato tasks  1
Supertato tasks  2
Supertato tasks  3
Supertato tasks  4
Supertato tasks  5
Supertato tasks  6
Supertato tasks  7
Supertato tasks  8
Supertato tasks  9
Supertato tasks  10
Supertato tasks  11
Supertato tasks  12
Supertato tasks  13
Supertato tasks  14

You would not believe what has happened today! We arrived at school this morning to see that evil peas have destroyed our classroom over night! We couldn't believe our eyes!
We found a letter on the board from the evil pea who told us he had taken our loved classroom toy Mr Ray and we needed to find the clues hidden around school to find him!

We were all very excited to find the clues and off we went armed with bowls to pick up any evil peas if we found on our hunt. We returned to class with all of our clues and after lots of sorting we noticed the letters made the word shed Birch class had the word muga and working together we noticed we needed to go over to the muga shed. Inside the mugs shed we found Mr Ray! We were so happy! We then returned to class and with great team work tidied up all the mess left from the evil peas! Mrs Mann then read our new story Supertato! I'm sure we will want to tell you all about our crazy morning later! 

Our independent learning 



Here are just a few photos from a range of child led and independent activities we have enjoyed this week. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Easter bonnets


Easter  1
Easter  2
Easter  3
Easter  4
Easter  5
Easter  6
Easter  7
Easter  8
Easter  9
Easter  10
Easter  11
Easter  12
Easter  13
We have started to learn about Easter and are experiencing many Easter themed tasks and activities during our independent learning time. Here are a few photos of us enjoying an Easter themed sensory tray, Egg shell balancing experiment and making Easter art and crafts using our best creative skills. 

Forest school

Forest school  1
Forest school  2
Forest school  3
Forest school  4
Forest school  5
Forest school  6
Forest school  7
Forest school  8
Forest school  9
Forest school  10
Forest school  11
Forest school  12

We love forest school on a Thursday afternoon. Here are just a few pictures of us exploring the environment, experimenting, discovering and having lots and lots of fun. 

As you can see the children love to get involved especially if there is mud or puddles therefore please make sure you provide wellies, waterproofs or a change of clothes. 

Chinese New Year

Still image for this video
We have really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year celebrations.
We made a vegetable stir fry by helping prepare the vegetables and chop and cook the ingredients.
We also played with Chinese inspired resources in the classroom including lots of opportunities to use chopsticks!
We listened to the story of the Chinese New Year and learnt that this year is the year of the dog.
Mrs Mann also taught us 'ni hao' which is hello in Chinese. We've also used paint to write Chinese symbols, made Chinese dragons and fans.
Please see the videos below of us preforming our Chinese dragon dance as part of our music lesson.

Chinese New Year

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Reception Classes – Welcome

Ash - Year RBirch - Year R


Reception Parents – Please see their Tapestry Account for information about the term.


Welcome to Churchfield School!

In the Foundation Stage our aim is to provide the very best start for your child by developing all the skills they need to become independent learners.


We feel learning through play is important. We focus on all the areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Physical Development (PD) and Communication and Language (CL).Literacy Development (LD), Maths (MD), Knowledge and Understanding (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD).


At Churchfield we encourage children to become independent and curious learners and our environment is structured to reflect children’s interests. We have access to a fantastic outdoor area. Within each classroom the children have access to areas such as Role Play, Writing, Reading, Sand, Creative, Construction, Numeracy and Snack. In each area there are activities for the children to complete in order to consolidate and extend prior learning.



We use Tapestry to record and share observations of the children's learning during their play. Each child has a secure account please login and check your child's progress and enjoy their learning journey with them. 

If you need a new login please speak to your class teacher. 



If you are a parent or friend of the school and would like to support the children we are always looking for volunteers, we especially like help with hearing children read, art, visits and topic work. If you are interested please speak to your class teacher.



Our Literacy focus this half term will be reading sentences and writing words independently using the sounds we have learnt.


Here are some websites which will support your child’s learning.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


In numeracy this half term we will be looking at number. This includes counting and ordering numerals and being able to use the language and skills needed for addition and subtraction equations.

Here are some websites which will support your child’s learning.

Picture 1
Picture 2

At Home

We change your child's reading book everyday if they have read at home. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible at home - magazines or books that you enjoy together at home can be recorded in their reading records too.


Congratulations we had 365 students with 100% attendance this week.